Seasoned Connections

Seasoned Connections

A story following the growth of a college student Kiyomi Atari who has “perfect palate”, an ability to detect exact ingredients and even seasonings! Kiyomi Atari is a university student who is extremely socially awkward. To improve her communication skills in preparation for job hunting, she calls a restaurant to apply for a part-time job but only to get stuck in communicating and hang up the phone herself. Kiyomi lost her mother when she was born, and her father passed away when she was 5. Afterwards, she has been raised by her aunt and aunt’s husband. She has been living alone since entering the university, now decides to start a part-time job to change herself for future job hunting, making efforts without receiving allowance. However, Akemi, her aunt, is worried that “how can she work even though she can’t look others in the eyes?” As struggling to find a part-time job, she has been forced to live frugally. One day when passing by a small Japanese diner near the university, she gets unconsciously attracted. “This smell is sake, soy sauce and garlic…”
The appetizing smell drifting from the diner “A-un” pulls her inside without her knowing it.
While an owner of the restaurant Zenjiro looks at Kiyomi getting upset due to her lack of communication skills, she clumsily but managed to order a ginger-fried pork. She takes a bite of the food, then saying “1 tablespoon of sake and soy sauce, a clove of garlic and ginger, and 1 teaspoon of ketchup. The secret ingredient … is honey!” She figures out its recipe even secret ingredient, which makes Zenjiro astonished. Coincidentally, A-un is in need of a new staff member, Kiyomi gets hired by leaps and bounds. Her life starts to move forward in the wake of the encounter with A-un.
How will Kiyomi grow through communication by cooking?
Offering hospitality with her “perfect palate” and thoughtfulness. Bon Appetit! Her meals will go above and beyond your order.







Exclusive Interview

Mikako Tabe

From “My Beloved Flower”
Mikako Tabe

Exclusive interview with Mikako Tabe, one of the stars of the current Thursday Night Drama, “My Beloved Flower.” Don't miss the inside scoop on this hit series!