Release Date: November 23, 2023


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A live-action film adaptation of Mineo Maya’s “Fly Me to the Saitama,” a comedy manga series that was launched in 1982, turned out to be a huge, unexpected box office hit of 2019. It garnered critical acclaim both in and out of Japan, receiving 12 nominations and winning Director of the Year, Screenplay of the Year, and Best Film Editing at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize! With the producers who took the demand for a sequel as real, the cast and crew got back together to complete the second chapter of the urban legend in Fly Me To The Saitama -FROM BIWA LAKE WITH LOVE-.

In the first film, Momomi Dannoura (Fumi Nikaido), the son of the Tokyo governor and the student council president of a prestigious private school called Hakuhodo Academy, meets Rei Asami (GACKT), a transfer student from the USA and the leader of the Saitama Liberation Front. The story revolves around the urban legend of their fight for the freedom of Saitama prefecture. The sequel takes place three months after the abolishment of the “passport” to enter Tokyo. Peace in the Kanto region (east Japan) doesn’t last long as the citizens of Saitama have poor connections with people in other prefectures. Rei, who is the advocator of THE SAITAMAFICATION OF JAPAN, hopes to unite the Saitama citizens by creating a sea in the inland region of Koshigaya. His journey with his friends to Shirahama, Wakayama prefecture, develops into a battle between the east and west that involves the entire nation. It also turns out to be Rei’s discovery of his own roots.

Like the first film, the story has two layers—one about the urban legend of the Saitama Liberation Front, and one about a family of Saitama citizens in the present day who listen to the radio drama about the urban legend in their car. It is directed again by Hideki Takeuchi, who has delivered numerous box office hits to the world, including Nodame Cantabile, Thermae Romae, and Daughter of Lupin. The screenplay is again written by Yuichi Tokunaga, the director’s tag-team partner who is now one of the most popular and talented writers in the Japanese entertainment industry today. In addition to the biting yet affectionate dissing of Saitama and the Kanto region in the first film, the sequel contains an even more scathing dissing of the Kansai region. The battle scene, an “invention” of sorts in the first film, is also repeated in the sequel. Photos of various celebrities from the Kansai region are raised in the air and add flourish to the film.

Alongside costars GACKT and Fumi Nikaido, Ryo Kato and Tsubasa Masuwaka reprise their roles as members of the Saitama Liberation Front. A crucial protagonist who joins their battle, Kai Kikyo, the handsome leader of the Shiga Liberation Front, is played by Anne in her first role as male character. Akira Kashoji, the ruthless governor of Osaka and kingpin of the Kansai region who stands in the way of Rei and others, is played by Ainosuke Kataoka. In addition to Norika Fujiwara and Mayo Kawasaki who play the mayors of their real-life hometowns, other colorful actors from the Kansai region intensify the Kansai vibes of the film. They include Mayu Hotta, COOKIE! (Yasei Bakudan), Maryjun Takahashi, Yoshimi Tendo, Momiji Yamamura, and Momoko (Highheel). In the present-day footage, Emi Wakui, akira 100%, and Nao Asahi re-infuse their love of Saitama into their characters to further embellish the story.

Fly Me To The Saitama -FROM BIWA LAKE WITH LOVE- is even grander and richer and more powerful and robust than its predecessor. The dissing is shadier, and homeland patriotism, stronger. A brilliant work of entertainment that you’ll thoroughly enjoy tongue in cheek.


A van carrying a family that lives in Yono travels down a countryside road in Saitama prefecture toward Kumagaya. A local Saitama song called “It's Not Like We Chose Saitama” plays on the radio. It is followed by the DJ’s narration of a radio drama—the second chapter in the urban legend about Saitama.

Years ago, peace was achieved in the Kanto region (east Japan) when the citizens of Saitama, who were shunned by the citizens of Tokyo, put an end to the “passport” system after a grand farce of a battle. Rei Asami (GACKT) and Momomi Dannoura (Fumi Nikaido), who lead the Saitama Liberation Front, have launched a new project (THE SAITAMAFICATION OF JAPAN) for further peace. However, the project is stymied by the Saitama citizens’ poor connections with people in other prefectures.

To unite the citizens of Saitama, Rei comes up with a reckless plan to create a sea in inland Koshigaya. He and other members of the Saitama Liberation Front leave Momomi behind and set sail toward Shirahama, Wakayama prefecture, to bring back its beautiful white sand to Koshigaya. However, they get shipwrecked in a storm, and Rei alone drifts to a beach in Wakayama. There, he has a fateful encounter with Kai Kikyo (Anne) of the Shiga Liberation Front.

At the time, the Kansai region (west Japan) is under the control of Osaka governor Akira Kashoji (Ainosuke Kataoka), his wife and the mayor of Kobe (Norika Fujiwara), and the mayor of Kyoto (Mayo Kawasaki), who oppress the citizens of Shiga, Wakayama, and Nara prefectures. Shirahama has become a vacation resort for the Osaka citizens, off limits to anyone without a passport. Furthermore, a princess, the leader of the Wakayama Liberation Front, is being held prisoner there.

Kikyo tries to rescue the princess, and Rei tries to rescue his friends imprisoned by Kashoji. But Rei himself gets captured by Kashoji. Then Rei, Kikyo, Momomi, and their allies learn of Kashoji’s terrifying plot. Will they be able to stop his tyrannical rampage?! The situation develops into an unprecedented and unimaginable war between the east and west that involves the entire nation! The key is Lake Biwa? What does fate have in store for Saitama and Japan?!


Fumi Nikaido

Ryo Kato
Tsubasa Masuwaka
Mayu Hotta
Maryjun Takahashi
Emi Wakui

AKIRA 100%
Nao Asahi
Yoshimi Tendo
Momiji Yamamura
Highheel Momoko
Mayo Kawasaki
Norika Fujiwara
Ainosuke Kataoka