1. User Privacy Protection Policy

Fuji Television Network, Inc., the producer of this Website, may require users to register personally identifiable information prior to accessing portions of this site. All personal information registered on this Website is strictly managed and protected by Fuji Television Network, Inc., and the details regarding its handling are listed below:

Handling of Personally Identifiable Information

  1. During the normal usage of this page, the provision of personally identifiable information such as name, age, etc. is not required. However, prior to posting comments on this Website, or accessing programming information geared to buyers, personal information such as one’s name, e-mail address, etc. may need to be provided. In order to protect any personally identifiable information posted on this site, Fuji Television registers and stores it in a data base. The information stored in this data base is strictly protected, and is not disseminated to the third parties without prior written consent of the individuals concerned.
  2. As an exception to item a. of the above, non-personally identifiable information is sometimes used from the data provided by users for use in statistical and/or marketing surveys. Additionally, personal information gathered on this site may be provided to law enforcement or other government agencies if asked to disclose it by subpoena, court order or other legal process.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All still photos, audio and/or visual images, the Fuji Television logo, and the design of this page are, unless stated otherwise, the property of Fuji Television Network, Inc., or the original copyright licensor. The materials on this Website are for personal, non-commercial home use, and shall not be reproduced, transmitted for public use, or altered for transmission related purposes, without first obtaining the written permission of Fuji Television Network, Inc. Any unauthorized use of these materials is a direct violation of copyright and other related laws, and is punishable under them.
  2. All photographs on this Website are protected by digital watermark technology software, and once the expiration date of photos has elapsed, they are to be deleted. The digital watermark technology software used on this Website is protected under applicable copyright laws, and any addition, deletion or alteration to this software is a violation of those laws.
  3. In accordance with copyright laws, the unauthorized usage of quotations, and other information from this Website for any purpose other than personal use such as the reprint, reproduction, broadcast, transmission for public use, translation, sale, lease/rental is punishable by law. Please contact the Agency for Cultural Affairs, or other government agencies that handle copyright laws in your home country in regard to non-personal, commercial use of information.

3. Other Exclusions

  1. Fuji Television Network, Inc. has taken the greatest precautions to verify the information on this Website. However, Fuji Television Network, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness or usability of this information. Furthermore, Fuji Television Network, Inc. is in no way responsible for any damage arising from usage of the information contained on this Website. The usage of the information on this Website is left to the responsibility of the individual user.
  2. In regard to the responsibility of the information linked to this Website, the managers of those links are solely responsible for any problems encountered with the contents of those links, or other secondary problems that are experienced.
  3. Fuji Television Network, Inc. is not responsible for any systems related trouble encountered with the usage of this Website. We ask for users’ understanding in this matter.
  4. The content and information contained on this Website are in strict accordance with Japanese laws. However, the information and specifications of this Website may not coincide with existing foreign laws. As a result, Fuji Television Network, Inc. cannot be responsible for problems encountered with any problems as a result of the usage of this Website outside of Japan.

4. The Revision of this Page

Fuji Television Network, Inc. maintains the protection of personally identifiable information provided to this Website in accordance with Japanese Laws, and other guidelines regarding privacy. Accordingly, Fuji Television Network, Inc. revises its policies in regard to the protection of such information from time to time.

Furthermore, as a result of the day-to-day changes in concepts related to the privacy and technological advances on the Internet, Fuji Television Network, Inc. reserves the right to revise the conditions regarding usage of this page without prior notice. However, users will be notified of major revisions related to the usage of this Website by posting a notice on the top page of this Website.