"HACHITAMA" Spherical Observation Room

Located on the 25th Floor, it is a symbolic landmark of Fuji TV.

You can enjoy a 360 Degree panoramic view of the Tokyo Waterfront Area from a height of 100 meters above ground level.


“Hachitama” Spherical Observation Room

The "HACHITAMA" Spherical Observation Room is a symbolic landmark of Fuji TV. The Panoramic view of the Tokyo Waterfront Area is an experience beyond one's imagination.

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Mezama Sky

At the Mezama Sky area, you can actually see and experience one of the past studio sets actually used on our morning Infotainment show, "MEZAMASHI TV." There are also autograph displays from many of the guests who have appeared on the show.

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Fujisan Terrace

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The Fujisan Terrace area are often used for events and live stages.
You can also purchase many goods and merchandises from many of Fuji TV's programs, including movies and anime. You can even observe the big "SPHERE" directly located above.

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Fuji TV Gallery

As one of the newest exhibition areas, the gallery visitors can see and experience many exciting displays from some of Fuji TV's greatest contents.

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Fuji TV Mall

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Including cafes and shops, the Mall is one of the most spacious areas at Fuji TV. Press Announcements and events are also held at the Multi-Theater located within this complex.

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2-4-8, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 137-8088, Japan

To access Fuji TV on the train, you can either take the Yurikamome Line from Shimbashi or Toyosu to Daiba Station, or the Rinkai Line from Shin-Kiba or Osaki Station to Tokyo Teleport. There are many other ways to get to Fuji TV. Please refer to each of the transport pages below.

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