Special Exhibition INSECTS

Exhibition Period: Sat. July 13, 2024 – Mon. Oct.14, 2024

Special Exhibition INSECTS


Starting July 13, 2024, the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, will host an extraordinary exhibition centered around the captivating world of insects. This eagerly anticipated event marks a significant return after six years since the immensely popular exhibition of 2018, which saw an astounding turnout of over 400,000 visitors.

Insects constitute the largest group of organisms on Earth, accounting for over half of the reported species, approximately one million varying types. While most of them are tiny creatures measuring less than 1 cm in length, their diversity is astonishing, ranging from their physical structures to behaviors and abilities. There are countless undiscovered insects in the world, and even in our familiar environments, there are potential new species and discoveries waiting to be made.

The special exhibition will delve into the world of the still-unseen diversity and surprises of “insects,” including familiar ones like beetles and stag beetles, as well as spiders and centipedes, through the unique perspectives and specimen selections of researchers at the National Museum of Nature and Science, incorporating the latest insect research.

This summer, don't miss this special exhibition with its unique blend that can only be experienced here.

General Outline

■Exhibition Period: Sat. July 13, 2024 – Mon. Oct.14, 2024
■Venue: National Museum of Nature and Science