Fuji TV Awarded at New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards in 2 Categories! – “THE NONFICTION” Awarded for 6 Consecutive Years!

We at Fuji Television are greatly pleased and honored to announce that the results of the New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards 2024 were unveiled on Wednesday, April 17 (JST), and a Silver Award went to THE NONFICTION for “The Desire to Be a Canvas” (Documentary: The Arts) and a Bronze Award went to the documentary program “The Right to Die” (Documentary: Human Rights).

Inaugurated in 1957, the New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards is an international competition that judges and awards contents in various genres, including TV, Film, Radio, Advertising, and Online etc. There were many entries from more than 40 countries and regions. The Storytellers Gala was held virtually via the competition’s official website from 7AM on Wednesday, April 17 (JST) with gold, silver, and bronze awards being handed out to the most outstanding of works.

THE NONFICTION for “The Desire to Be a Canvas” (Documentary: The Arts)

“The Desire to Be a Canvas” which has been awarded Silver in the “Documentary: The Arts” category, follows the struggles of women striving to carve out their lives through the art of “Woman’s Body Calligraphy” by Satoru Kobayashi. He is a calligraphy artist who paints words and poems desired by women onto their skin in ink, capturing them as artworks through photographs. This unique artistic perspective was recognized.

The Desire to Be a Canvas

As for THE NONFICTION at the New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards, “MOM, WHY DID YOU KILL DAD? – REVISITING THE PAST AFTER 16 YEARS -” in 2019 (Bronze), “Monk and Vulnerable Souls” (Silver) and United Nations Department of Global Communications (UNDGC) Bronze Award in 2020,  “A Veterinarian and His Dog Named Hanako” in 2021 (Bronze), “Memories of Me and Dad” and “The Day My Sister Was Murdered” in 2022 (Bronze), and in 2023, “Tokyo Delivery Story – Smartphones and Homeless –” (Bronze) were awarded, making it an achievement for 6 consecutive years.

“The Right to Die” (Documentary: Human Rights)

Program “The Right to Die” which explores the theme of “euthanasia” was awarded for the 32nd FNS Documentary Award, as well as a recipient of the top prize “ECRAN D’OR” at “Un petit air du Japon 2024,” a Japanese documentary film festival organized by the association “Ecrans des Mondes.” The documentary follows individuals in Switzerland who desire euthanasia, questioning what it means to ‘choose the end’ while following them until their actual passing. It was awarded Bronze (Documentary: Human Rights).

The Right to Die

Also, this year from Fuji Television, “Antarctica: Revealing Mysteries Beneath the Ice” (Documentary: Environment & Ecology) and “The Story of a 56-Year-Old Stripper: The Reason I Dance” (Community Portraits) were among the 2024 Shortlist.

“THE NONFICTION” – Yojiro Nishimura, Chief Producer, Documentary and Specials Production, Fuji Television Network, Inc. comments:

“In the world of “Woman’s Body Calligraphy” which is hardly known even in Japan, I’m delighted that for the first-time media coverage has been allowed with the mention of “THE NONFICTION.” The fact that the work received high praise internationally is truly an honor. I hope this award becomes a catalyst for “Woman’s Body Calligraphy” to become widely recognized worldwide. With 6 consecutive awards for the program and its illustrious record, I aspire to continue producing captivating documentaries from Japan that resonate globally.”

“The Right to Die” – Masahiro Yamamoto, Program Director, Infotainment Production, Fuji Television Network, Inc. comments:

“It takes a lot of courage to share thoughts on death or to show one’s journey towards it in front of the camera. Creating a program based on the conviction never to disregard the feelings of those who participated in the interviews, during their life’s most challenging period is truly something. With the individuals who chose to decide their final moments for dignity, this program serves to contemplate what it means to ‘live’ and the choice of deciding one’s final moments.”

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