Message from the President

Curtains are falling on the Heisei period as Japan is ushered into an exciting new era, all a reminder that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is drawing near. Each day, the entire Tokyo Bay Zone including Odaiba, home of Fuji Television, is making a rapid and remarkable transformation in scenery as we prepare ourselves for the historic event. For example, the Olympic Torch will be built in our neighborhood, and competitions such as triathlon, beach volleyball, and many more will be held right in front of our headquarter come Summer 2020.

Amidst our landscape making a swift transition into an inspiring future, Fuji Television celebrates a milestone, 60th anniversary of its founding.

“Challenge and Creation”. This is our corporate mission as we prepare ourselves for the new quest ahead. As a reliable media entity we are focused on fulfilling our social responsibilities, and more importantly, we are determined to make our company the most fascinating, the most gripping adventure ever for all our viewers, our business partners, and everyone working with us.

To all those who’ve supported us to become what we are today, we promise to continue our never-ending challenge and advancement into an expanding future. Do count on us.

Masaki Miyauchi
President and Representative Director
Fuji Television Networks, Inc.

March 1 2019