Message from the President

“Further shifts for more changes”

By staying faithful to the key word “Shift” from the time of my inauguration as President and Representative Director in 2017, Fuji Television has embarked on a major company reform.

This year, I will make this reform evolve and accelerate further. One thing I can say for sure: Fuji Television will move forward on the basis of “Further shifts for more changes.”

I joined Fuji Television in 1967. I have been in the broadcasting industry for over fifty years now, and during this time, the history of Japanese television and entertainment industry has been shaped by many of Fuji Television’s epoch-making programs and events.

And now, we are at a point in time for us to design a brand-new company framework which has never been seen. Putting Fuji Television’s past glories behind, the entire company should be united as one and resolutely keep moving forward, in order to create a new movement which is connected to the future.

Next year in 2019, the Heisei period will come to an end. Japan will enter a new era with a new Emperor and a new regnal year. And the year after that our city becomes the proud host to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

One of the center stage for the games will be Odaiba, where Fuji Television is also located, an area that is sure to become the focus of attention from the entire world. By all means, we intend to take full advantage of this golden opportunity.

After amazing the world during the summer games in Tokyo 2020, we intend to continuously produce life surprising content which our country can be proud of, and at the same time astonish the world thereafter.

We promise to live up to your expectations. Do count on us.

Masaki Miyauchi
President and Representative Director
Fuji Television Networks, Inc.
January 2018