Honnouji Hotel

Release date: January 14 , 2017

Honnouji Hotel


A spectacular epic inspired by one of the greatest mysteries in Japanese history – “The Honnouji Incident.”

The most infamous incident in Japanese history remains shrouded in mystery – The Honnouji Incident. In feudal era Japan, Nobunaga Oda had nearly accomplished his goal of unifying Japan. Why did his trusted general, Mitsuhide Akechi, betray him? Nobunaga allegedly committed ritual suicide, but his body was never found. What became of it? How was it that Nobunaga’s loyal retainer, Hideyoshi Hashiba, so quickly defeated Mitsuhide and conquered the Chugoku region following the Incident? What if someone from the future told Nobunaga of his fate? 400 years after the Honnouji Incident, the secrets buried in the greatest mystery in Japanese history will finally be revealed!
The woman from the future who meets Nobunaga on the eve of the fateful “Honnouji Incident” is played by Japan’s preeminent actress/comedienne, Haruka Ayase. Shinichi Tsutsumi, one of Japan’s greatest leading men, portrays the “noble, yet compassionate” warlord, Nobunaga Oda. The talented Gaku Hamada, known for his portrayals of unique characters, plays Nobunaga’s loyal page, Ranmaru Mori. Seasoned veterans Hiroyuki Hirayama, Hiromasa Taguchi, Masahiro Takashima, Masaomi Kondo and Morio Kazama round out the cast to lend authenticity to this extraordinary story.
Directing the film is Masayuki Suzuki, known for his numerous hits including the popular HERO series. Suzuki unveils his interpretation of one of the greatest mysteries in Japanese history, the Honnouji Incident. Packed with humor, dynamic action and unexpected surprises at every turn, audiences of all ages will enjoy this spectacular historical epic.

On a whim, Mayuko Kuramoto (Haruka Ayase) checks into the nostalgic “Honnouji Hotel” which is tucked away on the backstreets of Kyoto. Little does she know that the hotel serves as a mysterious portal into feudal era Japan. She is transported into 1582, the Sengoku Period. With the unification of Japan within his grasp, Nobunaga Oda (Shinichi Tsutsumi) and a few of his loyal retainers, including Ranmaru Mori (Gaku Hamada), have taken up residence in Kyoto’s Honnouji Temple. The Sengoku Period is rife with vassals whose very lives exist at the mercy of cruel feudal lords. Mayuko stumbles into the temple, a strangely dressed woman from another wo


Haruka Ayase, Shinichi Tsutsumi