Aired on Thursdays from October 14th, 2021



Mamoru Hyoga is the CEO of “Three Star Books,” a venture company involved with e-books. Born into a wealthy family, she has never had problems related to money in her life.

With the belief that “money can solve anything,” she works hard each day to make more profit. She has even been awarded the "Platinum Woman of the Year" award, which is given to the leading female entrepreneur of the year.

However, she has lived her days with an emotional wall, due to feelings of loneliness and grief over the death of her parents when she was young. Therefore, even though she’s rich, she’s been hungry for “love.”
Mamoru has no friends and is lonely, but the only person she’s close to is Ryo Ichinose, a guy she met back in college. “Three Star Books” which she and Ichinose established and grown together is the very essence of her life…

However, as Mamoru struggles to make the company bigger and better, she is faced with a series of crises that threaten to shake up the company's management…


Noriko Eguchi
Eiji Akaso
Keita Machida
Rio Kanno
Mizuki Itagaki
Riku Kashima
Hanano Nonomura
Mizuki Kayashima

Yuma Yamoto
Mirai Shida
Yuri Nakamura

Shigeyuki Totsugi
Jun Miho
Arata Furuta
Nanako Matsushima