Strawberry Night/SAGA

Aired on Thursdays from April 11th, 2019

Strawberry Night/SAGA


Reiko Himekawa became an assistant inspector for the homicide section at the age of 27, despite not being on the career track. As the only female section chief in the First Investigative Division, she leads ‘Team Himekawa,’ with her intuition, concepts and energy, and begins to solve many cases.

Meanwhile, her older subordinate Kazuo Kikuta, is initially skeptical of her dangerous investigation techniques when he is transferred to the team. However, he gradually comes to realize her potential and charm, as he begins to grow special feelings towards her.

Another main character to watch out for is, Reiko’s rival, Kensaku Katsumata, an assistant inspector with the Fifth Section. Although the character boasts an overwhelming record in the number of arrests, his occasional illegal investigation methods draw suspicion.


Fumi Nikaido
Kazuya Kamenashi

Shono Hayama
Kai Shishido
Taiki Nakabayashi
Daiki Shigeoka (Johnny's WEST)
Hiroki Konno

Momoko Kikuchi (Special Appearance)
Masato Ibu

Makiya Yamaguchi
Kohki Okada

Yosuke Eguchi



Kazuo Kikuta from the First Investigation Division gets positioned in the “Team Himekawa” division led by Reiko Himekawa. Meanwhile, the First Investigation Division sets up a special headquarter for a murder case. When Kazuo goes to the headquarter, he realizes that there’s no sight of Reiko.


These days, the atmosphere in the Investigation Unit seems to be calm and peaceful. However, somehow, this seems to be making Reiko Himekawa irritable, as she tries to look for some work. Meanwhile, whilst Kazuo Kikuta and the others seem discontented with her ways, Reiko ignores their opinions as she eventually manages to find new leads to a major case.


Reiko Himekawa and Kazuo Kikuta realize that the murdered victim may actually be a completely different individual from their first analysis, and immediately report about this to the investigation headquarter.


Reiko Himekawa gets called up by a medical practitioner, regarding a man who had died from a suspicious death. It turns out that hepatic failure was the cause of the man's death. Meanwhile, another man passes away due to the same reason, and Reiko begins her investigations for the possibility of consecutive run of murders.


A body of a man in his 50's is discovered in an apartment, due to a stabbing incident.
Meanwhile, when Reiko Himekawa immediately attends the murder site, she receives
an explanation from the on-site officers which leads to the start of a new inquiry.


What is the hidden truth behind the mysterious street ripper!? Team Himekawa unite as one to uncover the case together. And, the link between the ripper and the victims gradually get revealed…