Radiation House II

Aired on Mondays from October 4th, 2021

Radiation House II


The hit series starring Masataka Kubota makes a return for the second season!

Iori Igarashi is a medical radiographer, who is also known as a "hero behind the scenes," uses unconventional methods and breaks the mold of academia to find the cause of illnesses and diagnose "invisible diseases" with X-rays and CT.

And joining Iori once again, is An Amakasu, the daughter of the former director of ‘Amakasu General Hospital’ who secretly has feelings for Iori…


Masataka Kubota
Tsubasa Honda
Alice Hirose
Kenta Hamano
Tomomi Maruyama
Masato Yano
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Kenichi Endo
Nobuyuki Suzuki
Norito Yashima
Masahiro Takashima
Kazuyuki Asano
Emi Wakui



After completing his project in the U.S., Iori Igarashi returns to Japan and hopes to return to the General Hospital…


Iori and his team receive a request for a CT scan of a 12-year-old elementary school student who had an epileptic fit…


Iori is upset to learn that An has been asked out on a museum date…


Tamaki’s mother Ruriko, comes to visit the hospital where Iori and his peers work…


The fridge that Iori and his co-workers share with breaks down. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the committee for equipments is having a meeting…


The quiet fight over An continues, while Tsujimura invites An to go out for lunch with him in front of Iori…


The father of An who runs a clinic on a remote island, suddenly comes to visit Iori…


An magazine with the interview of An has been released…


“The doctor I've always respected from the bottom of my heart is you…” An can't stop thinking about what Iori said to her…


When a visitor comes to Iori and the others, they are shown an image and asked for their cooperation…


Iori and An re-unite with their friend from high-school…