Set Design Team from Variety Show “Run For Money”

Set Design Team from Variety Show “Run For Money”

From small items to movable sets for shows, it is all produced and managed by designers. Explore the world of set design and the secrets behind the scenes for the hit variety show “Run For Money”! Uncover the truth behind the popular TV program with the renowned HUNTERS!

Mission 1 Activated! Handling “Design” and “Safety” Elements!

The giant corporation of the future “CHRONOS” hosts an entertainment game show “Run For Money.” All the areas within the severely controlled world are managed by a game master.

As you can see, it’s a sci-fi world which makes use of metallic frames. The black and red colors are eye-catching!

This is a mechanically designed hand scanner.

A dangerous area with lasers beams.

The first HUNTER BOX was designed to resemble the base of a typical computer.

Is the Japanese headquarters working on this? Most instructions are in Japanese.

The objective is a mission to escape from HUNTERS, which are tracking androids developed by CHRONOS.

Players pass through these kinds of gates one after another without being seen by them.

The gates open and closes with a button. It can be fatal for a player if the timing of this process isn’t right. The art design crew must keep in mind that this is a system which determines the course of the game.

If you look closely, you can see that some parts have a “mesh” look. The reason for this is unfortunately a trade secret.

It all takes place at a restricted location called an “AREA.” A crew of about 30 to 40 are assigned, and it is rumored that they are lurking somewhere until the end of the game.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic measures with the requirement for social distancing, the usually packed “JAIL” is now made quite spacious.

These chains are made of plastic painted in metallic colors.

It is a challenge to decorate a huge set area. So these chains come in quite useful. They are lightweight and convenient and last but not least safe too!

All set parts are made sure to be covered for protection. Polyethylene foam, a material with excellent cushioning properties is also used throughout.

As for the theme of the set, we get strict orders from CHRONOS. The art crew are also responsible for designing everything to produce a safe environment to avoid accidents. So, this is something which makes their great design skills really apparent.

Mission 2 Activated! Win the race against time!

Each game show is held at a new location. In fact, the art crew are also assigned certain missions too.

This being the requirement for a “speedy set construction and dismantling.”

Since we often avoid recording during business hours for most locations, the fastest build-up is the most essential. We also work quickly to ensure that there is enough time for safety checks and game simulations after setup.

And of course, dismantling everything should be done quickly. It’s a full-on real game, so we never know if we can finish on schedule. Nevertheless, if we can’t completely remove all the set equipment by the time facilities open for business…we’re in big trouble.

The props crew had to work under a lot of pressure and here is something they came up with.

This kind of hinge equipment is sometimes used for dismantling the sets.

Normally, joints for panels are fixed with screws and nails with an impact driver. Instead, anyone can work with this kind of hinge equipment.

Once you hear the words “That’s the Wrap,” the big set dismantling work begins. The operation crew, who had all been lurking in various spots join in for this.

“Be careful to avoid accidents. But as speedily as possible.” On this day, we were able to safely return to the status quo with skilled teamwork. We are sure that CHRONOS will continue to give us more “extremely challenging” work in the future.

Secrets of the Designs

What were the key points in designing the set?

The devices and items in the game are elements that have been transferred from the future in the year 2900. So, we designed everything with all of this in mind. To express the mysterious elements of such a company in the futuristic world of CHRONOS, we use a lot of red, black, and silver colors which are quite unusual for a variety show, giving it that sense of intensity. In addition, the eyeball logo which is also the symbol for CHRONOS is included throughout. You’ll see at various areas such as on equipment and printed materials, so do look for forward to it.

What are some of the challenges of dealing with a new mission?

We have designed various gates, equipment, and other structures for many missions. Most of these are for outdoor areas or facilities with tricky delivery restrictions, so location scouting in advance is very important. The art team consults with each other on ideas to prevent structures from being blown away by the wind etc., waterproof measures, and ways to make it all into sizes that can be delivered to each location. Unlike in the studio, everything can be affected by weather and ground conditions, but this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show and is something the art team can really display skills.

Are there any aspects that have remained unchanged over the years?

Safety measures. If there is even the slightest element of danger, we absolutely eliminate it. We are very careful in choosing materials and forms that will not cause injury. Celebrity contestants often undergo missions under extreme pressure, so our main goal is to prevent them from getting hurt.

And how about simulation checks beforehand?

We always conduct a pre-show simulation before an actual mission. We often have to redraw the set plans based on these tests. It is very important when considering a new mission because you can never know if it was surprisingly easy or too difficult until you tryout the actual game at the location. We are fully prepared through repeated trial-and-error so that we can get each production off the ground without a hitch!

What are some of the highlights of the show in respect of the art team?

The show is always filmed at a new location with new artwork. The show is broadcast as a result of endless improvements overcoming many simulations, so if you can imagine how hard the art team has worked on each process, I think you will enjoy the program even more (laughter).

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