The Anthem of the Heart

Release date: July 22, 2017

The Anthem of the Heart


Takumi Sakagami, a high school student, is assigned to his class’s Community Outreach Committee one day.
His homeroom teacher also assigns his classmates Jun Naruse, a girl who is unable to speak because of a past trauma, Daiki Tasaki, a former ace player on the baseball team, and Natsuki Nitoh, a cheerleader and straight-A student, to the Committee. Each one of them harbors feelings that they "long to shout" in their hearts.
Because of their homeroom teacher's foresight, their class ends up having to perform a musical at the exchange party, but nobody in the class seems willing. But as they see Jun courageously making an effort to communicate her feelings by singing, Takumi and the other classmates who were reluctant begin to participate in a positive way.
The day of the performance arrives. Will they be able to convey their true feelings they have locked away in their hearts?


Kento Nakajima
Kyoko Yoshine
Anna Ishii
Yoshiyoshi Arakawa
Nene Otsuka