Lu over the wall

Release date: May 19, 2017

Lu over the wall


Long-form Directorial Debut "Mind Game“ (2004)
Unforgettable pop-style characters, perfectly balanced colors, flowing lines and animation overflowing with speed and smoothness. These are the hallmarks of the unique creative genius Masaaki Yuasa, and this is his first original feature film, "Lu over the wall".
Is what you're saying really what you mean? ln an era when everyone just wants to fit in, this question the director had was how this project had its start.
Not only does this animation pack a punch, the director's realistic and deeply moving depictions of the characters' inner lives can still be found here as well.
Riding on the music of Kazuyoshi Saito's famous song "Utautai no Ballad (Ballad of a Singer)”. The story that the "Genius” Masaaki Yuasa really wanted to create will now begin.


Kai, a young middle schooler, lives in Hinashi Town, a lonely fishing village, with his father and his grandfather, a sun-umbrella maker. He used to live in Tokyo, but after his parents divorced he moved back to his parent's home town. Kai has trouble telling his parents the complicated feelings he has for them, and he's lonely and pessimistic about his school life. One of his joy is uploading songs he writes to the internet.
One day, his classmates Kunio and Yuho invite him to join their band, "SElREN” . As he reluctantly follows them to Merfolk Island, their practice spot, they meet Lu, the mermaid girl. Lu sings merrily and dances innocently. As Kai begins to spend time with her, he starts to be able to say what it is that he's really thinking.
But since ancient times, the people of Hinashi Town have thought that mermaids brought disaster. Something happens that puts a huge rift between Lu and the townspeople. And then, the town is in danger. Will Kai's cry for the heart be able to save the town?