Exclusive Interview

From “Marriage is Difficult for a Ninja ”


The Exclusive Interview with Nanao from Fuji Television’s Thursday Night drama “Marriage is Difficult for a Ninja"!

Q: How did you first feel when you were offered the role?

I was simply very happy. I often visit a fortune teller and when I ask about my previous life there, I am always told that I was a witch or a ninja almost as if I was either of these! So, I was wondering if I would eventually get a role as a ninja and I actually did (laughter). I hope that I’m playing the character “as if I was” in my previous life.

Q: What kind of character is Hotaru?

She is a reliable character who grew up in an environment where she was able to freely play an active role thru belonging to one faction of the Koga clan. And so, because of her personality, she gets annoyed at her husband Goro's sloppiness. I hope I’m carefully expressing both the role of Hotaru as just an ordinary wife and also as a ninja.

Q: Are there any parts that you feel you can relate to her?

Hotaru feels like “Why am I the only one doing the household chores even though we both work?” This is partly because Japanese customs are rooted within the country’s traditions, and Goro himself grew up in an Iga family which is male dominated. With this kind of background, there is a line that picks up on the frustrations that deepen from the recurrence of small daily matters such as not sitting down on the toilet, leaving the light on, and keeping the fridge door open etc. This is something that you don't have to be a married couple to feel, and I think everyone can relate to her as a person rather than just as a wife.

Q: What is your impression of Nobuyuki Suzuki who plays Goro?

I always had the impression that he was a polite and reserved person. And when I met him, he didn't prove me wrong as he kindly greeted me. I believe that the atmosphere of a filming set really depends on how you relate with other cast members. I am glad that it’s him playing the role of Goro because then, I feel like we can work in a relaxed atmosphere, without being nervous during filming.

Q: What is your image of a ninja?

Someone who is well-trained in both mental and physical strength that can handle and respond to any given situation. So, this time since there is a lot of action, ninjas must act gracefully and skillfully, rather than being agile and smart using brute force to overpower opponents. So, I’m carefully portraying the beauty and mannerisms of it all even from the way I walk. I hope that I’m depicting my character whilst being conscious of ninja-like qualities in her daily life even from the way she rides her bicycle.

Q: What are you always looking forward to during the shootings?

I think the action part is exciting. And although Hotaru and Goro are married without knowing each other's true identity, I hope the drama is portraying the common situations for married couples, or rather…how women and men are seeing and perceiving one another, through receiving feelings of empathy from the viewers too.

Q: Finally, do you have a message for the viewers?

The story is full of typical situations that you get in relationships and in marriage. What will happen to the two Iga and Koga ninjas who got married without knowing each other’s truth? The drama is full of ninja suspense packed with entertainment that is sure viewers of all ages will enjoy. I think that not only Japanese people but also viewers overseas will have blast watching it!