the God of risk

Aired on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 10:54 pm

the God of risk


“the God of risk” is a sensational social entertainment drama that revolves around Satoshi Saigyouji (Shinichi Tsutsumi), a legendary expert in the field of crisis management who is known as "The God of Risk.” Satoshi worked in crisis management for General Electric in the U.S. and for the Japanese government. Trusting in Satoshi’s exceptional skills and professional talent, Sunrise, one of the largest general trading company in Japan, hires Satoshi to deal with the company’s numerous problems and scandals. Meanwhile, the heroine Kaori Kagari (Erika Toda) is an intelligent, career-oriented woman who fluently speaks several foreign languages. After graduating from Tokyo University, Kaori has been working for Sunrise for 10 years. Despite her young age, Kaori earns an executive position of the new product development department. However, she soon faces a crisis: a recall on a next generation battery product. Now Satoshi and Kaori must work together to deal with the company’s recall nightmare.


Shinichi Tsutsumi
Erika Toda
Go Morita
Koutarou Yoshida
Fumiyo Kohinata