The Dream of Nepenthes

Aired on Saturdays from 11:40p.m starting August 5th 2017

The Dream of Nepenthes


The life of women is very hard. They may not be rewarded even if they do their best. That’s why there are women like “Nepenthes” (carnivorous plant). They are not aggressive, but never miss any chance and takeadvantage of it.
Mifuyu is a pure girl who grew up in a country side. After her mother died, she loses her place because her father welcomes his lover to their house. Therefore, Mifuyu starts to stay at Naoko Kashimada, who is a cousin of the late mother. The Kashimada family is blessed with "the wealth" that Mifuyu can’t get even though how strong she desires.
“The world is unfair.” She begins to find her place in Kashimada family, and it is the beginning of her life as a “Nepenthes woman”.
There are lots of “Nepenthes women” who consumes “someone who has something” in this drama. For example, there is a celebrity wife whose husband escaped from her, a woman who treats a man like a wallet, a woman who gets the position of the wife by the pregnancy and so on.
Each woman demands her happiness and scramble for desire. And they just say, “I’m not wrong”…
It may be “horror” for men, but it is an exciting success story for women.


Mirai Shida
Nene Ohtsuka
Sayuri Kokusho
Toshio Matsumoto(Exile)
Yuichi Haba
Chieko Matsubara