Aired on Thursdays from 10:00 p.m, starting April 19th, 2018



Wrongfully imprisoned for 15 years despite his innocence, the main character manages to get out of his imprisonment at the risk of his own life, and makes a thrilling return as a fresh new character. This is a drama about a man who is passionate for revenge against those who stripped away all his glories, through his elaborate maneuvers of various clever entrapments. He seeks for the light that he had been striving for.


Dean Fujioka
Tadayoshi Okura
Mizuki Yamamoto
Mahiro Takasugi
Shono Hayama
Yukino Kishii
Yuki Sakurai
Masaki Miura
Kiyohiko Shibukawa
Hirofumi Arai
Min Tanaka
Jun Fubuki
Houka Kinoshita
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Masato Ibu
Izumi Inamori
Katsunori Takahashi


It’s Spring time of 2003. Simon Dan (Dean Fujioka) who works in a small fishing town proposes to his girlfriend. Fortunately, he gets the highly anticipated “Yes,” as they begin preparations for the big wedding ceremony. However, as when everything just seems to be going according to plan, his ship which he is riding on gets involved in an unfortunate disaster. While all this is happening, all of his close relations hopes for his safe return.


Despite being forcefully oppressed to come out about his supposed connection with a group of terrorists, Dan (Dean Fujioka) is unable to fulfill their demand, as he has absolutely no idea about why he had been hunted down in the first place. Despite the desire to prove his innocence, he gets thrown into a prison cell for 8 years.


After acquiring a large amount of wealth which had been hidden away, Dan (Dean Fujioka) becomes one of the world’s leading investors, whilst covering up his original identity during this process by renaming himself. Meanwhile, despite the huge level of fortune, he is still not satisfied, as his feelings of revenge is left entrapped deep within his soul.


Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) lines-up a list of his main targets for his revenge mission, which involves his intentions to strip away all the treasured possessions away from his targets. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi Kagura and Rumi attend a ground-breaking ceremony for an estate development project. Kiyoshi, who has connections with a governmental minister tries to bring forth a positive outcome for himself, as regards to the potential negotiations for property rights of the next public land.


Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) moves on to his next target, Kohei Iruma. Shinkai gets in contact with a member of the foreign ministry who has been living in Malaysia, and invites him to his mansion. Meanwhile, somehow being happy about returning to Japan, Shinkai takes this opportunity to tell him, that he has a favor to ask him.


Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) begins to search for the truth regarding Yukio Nanjo’s background. The revenge of Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) has now reached a turning point which has ultimately resulted in the murder of an individual. This terrible truth makes the eventual destruction of Kohei Iruma’s family very much apparent. His great revenge has now also created a break in his relationship with individuals such as Yukio Nanjo and Kiyoshi Kagura.


After completely taking Rui out from the world, Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) aggressively moves on to his next target, Yukio Nanjo. Underground gang members all of a sudden break into Yukio Nanjo’s home, eventually taking the members of the household including Sumire hostage. Meanwhile, investigation begins to uncover some of the major reasons for Yukio Nanjo being a target from his associates.


Just as he had originally planned, Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) is able to successfully destroy the Nanjo family, as well as forcing Yukio to the point of suicide. Meanwhile, when Sumire realizes Shinkai’s actual identity, the situation makes a turning point. In the midst of all of this, Shinkai begins to feel a sense of confusion within himself.


After involving many of the families into a whirlwind of his revenge mission, Shinkai Monte-Cristo (Dean Fujioka) has now reached the final stage of his mission.
Meanwhile, while being locked up in a warehouse, Kiyoshi Kagura discovers that the special investigation unit is now working on the case for the possibility of illegal donations.