Angels in White

Aired on Saturdays from 11:40 p.m, starting April 7th, 2018

Angels in White


A human drama set in a nursing school that focuses on the lifestyles of each of the four female students.

On the day of the nursing school entrance ceremony, as the other new students were solemnly listening to the speeches, Rumi was staring off into space. Rumi did not particularly want to be a nurse, and was only there to satisfy her mother, who told her to get her qualifications for financial reasons.
At practicum, Rumi was put in a group with the clumsy Chika, the housewife Saeki, and the law school graduate Tono. Tono had actually enrolled at nursing school in order to get revenge on a doctor who had killed her sister due to a medical error.
Rumi spends three years with them, sometimes helping each other and sometimes clashing with each other, and the various experiences Rumi has makes her grow, and she falls in love for the first time with Takumi, a medical student. A delicate love triangle emerges with Shunya, who Chika has a crush on. During the practicum, they are confronted with the lives of patients they meet, and learn that nursing means to become the person closest to the patient. But sometimes the hospital does not allow them to do so. Under such contradictory circumstances, how will Rumi and the others choose to live their lives?


Yua Shinkawa
Sairi Ito
Miki Sakai
Honami Sato
Toshiki Seto
Sho Kiyohara
Shingo Yanagisawa
Ikue Sakakibara
Masaya Kato