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According to research, almost 90% people wish they could reset their lives.

Protagonist Shinji Aratani is a man who lost everything around him—successful career, family, and friends—due to a twist of fate. His current job title is Chief of Registry Supervision Division of Ministry of Justice. Colleagues in other divisions look down on the Division saying nobody cares about their job and it's unneeded. But what they don't know is that the Division's true duty is to accomplish the top-secret mission from Parliamentary Secretary of Justice to "isolate time travelers in a special residential district and keep them under a close watch." In the near future, it's expected that time machine will be invented and there will be time travelers, each with their own purpose, coming back from the future to the present time. Registry Supervision Division was newly established in order to not let these time travelers change or affect the present and also to prevent big confusion from happening when the existence of time travelers gets revealed.

It turns out that these time machines are not perfectly made, so time travelers can’t go back to the future once they come to the present. However, this doesn't stop them from traveling back in time in order to fulfil their desperate wish to re-do what's been done in the present time.

The last scene of each episode, which depicts the conflict of time travelers and Shinji who also wants to change his life, will surely move the hearts of audience. Through watching the relationship between Shinji and time travelers striving to change their lives despite knowing the life's difficulties, this story delivers a powerful message to everyone how important it is to just "seize the day.


Michitaka TSUTSUI
Nonoka ONO
Atsuko ASANO