Flat Broke Mom (tentative)

Aired on Sundays from 9:00 to 9:54 p.m.

Flat Broke Mom (tentative)


Yuzuko Nanakusa (Koyuki) suddenly finds herself flat broke when the company she worked for suddenly went bankrupt. With no job, no money, and two children to raise, she's put on the edge of a cliff and at a complete loss as to what to do. Then, she receives a call from Shinichi Kakihara (Atsushi Ito), an elite lawyer whom she had no connection with whatsoever—or she thought. In fact, they did have a connection. It turns out that Yuzuko and Shinichi were high school classmates. Despite his looks, short and naïve, Shinichi is an extremely successful lawyer who makes over 10 billion yen a year. Back in his high school days, Shinichi had a huge crush on Yuzuko. So, when he heard about her recent situation, he gathered all of his courage together and decided to contact her. Shinichi tells Yuzuko that there has to be "another side" to her company's bankruptcy. Yuzuko first ignores his words and says what matters to her the most is to find a job as soon as possible so that she can support her kids. However, she decides to stand up for herself and her family as she was struck by seeing her kids showing concerns for her and by Shinichi's words: "Why don't you bother to question when your peaceful life with your precious family is about to get taken away? You'll just let it happen and accept unfairness?" Shinichi's diligent research leads to finding there was a mysterious large sum of money which appears to be part of what triggered the bankruptcy of Yuzuko's company. As they investigate further to uncover the truth, they get drawn into a huge swirl of dark side of corporate world…


Atsushi Ito
Ryo Narita
Tomohiro Kamiyama (Johnny's WEST)
Rio Uchida
Haruto Imai
Shiori Nozawa

Kenichi Endo
Eiji Okuda