Hey Handsome!!

Aired on Saturdays from January 8, 2022

Hey Handsome!!


A slapstick that could happen in any family...with a deep, abiding love at its heart!

Stubborn Gentaro Ito lives with his wife, Chizuru, in an old home in the earthy heart of Tokyo. The two have three daughters. The second oldest, Rika, lives in Osaka, married to Daisuke, a banker. Until getting married, Rika was a talented editor in a publishing company. The youngest daughter, Mika, has a clerical job in a food company. She lived on her own in an apartment, spending most nights together with Yuji, an aspiring manga artist. However, with Yuji showing no prospects of ever achieving success, Mika decides to break things off, ridding her life of clutter. Yuka, the oldest daughter, has an important position in an advertising agency. She has no idea that the man she is dating is already married. When Gentaro finds out about the situation, he explodes. He forbids her to live on her own, so Yuka moves back to her family home to live with her parents. Then Rika and her husband have a fight, so Rika comes back to the family home as well.

One day, Gentaro meets an attractive but overweight man, Omori, and the two immediately hit it off. He dreams about how much better things would be if his daughters were married to someone like Omori. He brings Omori home with him and introduces Omori to his daughters. However, as it turns out, Omori is Yuka's ex, who she broke up with saying, "I just can't date someone who's ugly. Looks are important, too!"


Kotaro Yoshida
Haruka Kinami
Yui Sakuma
Rena Takeda
Ren Sudo
Yuki Kubota
So Okuno
Rina Ohta
Renn Kiriyama
So Yamanaka
Maho Nonami
Mahiro Takasugi
Kenta Hamano

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Produced by Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.
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■Original Story: ©️Risa Ito