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Kazuki Aikawa is an instructor of Ethology at a university. However, when he is researching about animals and living species, his passion often makes him disregard everything around him, which usually leads to a scolding session by his university bosses. However, he soon gradually begins to remember some of the pure feelings during his childhood years, when he always used to innocently and passionately be submerged within the world of his interests, all of this which are sure to be a heartwarming for everyone.


Issey Takahashi
Nana Eikura
Jun Kaname
Kazuya Kojima
Daigo Nishihata
Honoka Yahagi
Kana Kita
Ryohei Hirota
Min Tanaka
Reina Triendl 

Kenji Anan
Keiko Toda
Kaoru Kobayashi


Kazuki Aikawa (IsseyTakahashi) is an instructor of Ethology at a university.
As a lover of animals, his passion for them often makes him disregard everything around him. This in turn affects those around him, eventually leading to unexpected troubles!!


Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) who is an instructor of Ethology at a university, hears a mysterious noise from one of the old sewage pipes at a dentist clinic he goes to.
Due to the similarities of its sound to crying birds, he reminisces the time when he used to go on fieldwork trips during his university days. Meanwhile, after realizing that another
visitor of the same clinic also has the same passion as him, he begins to passionately go on about a mysterious discovery he made in a mountain.


After hearing from a zoo keeper that one of the “leaders” at a monkey enclosure is gradually changing, Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) feels astonished. Meanwhile, knowing that this is a process which only occurs every 5 to 10 years, he postpones his dentist appointment to capture the moment.


When one of Kazuki Aikawa’s (Issey Takahashi ) students begins to state that he is suffering from a toothache, Kazuki takes him to one of the local dentist clinics.
Meanwhile, while Ikumi stays late for overtime, her boyfriend comes by. And when her boyfriend leaves his seat temporarily, she coincidentally discovers an e-mail from a mysterious woman and begins to suspect that he may be cheating on her.


After breaking up with her boyfriend, Ikumi (Nana Eikura) plans a tooth-brushing lesson for kids, but she faces quite a tricky situation! Meanwhile, a certain form of action taken by Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) saves her day?!


Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) feels a little unstable, after witnessing Ikumi (Nana Eikura) in tears at the forest, due to breaking up with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, when the two of them are invited to a dinner party, Ikumi tries to back out from the invitation.


A pupil who had skipped school by faking an illness, comes to visit Kazuki Aikawa’s (Issey Takahashi ) University. It turns out that his deeds had been discovered by his mother and his drawing book had been confiscated. Meanwhile, Kazuki tries all he can to send the pupil home despite his strong reluctance.


Taeko Yamada loses her words, when Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) asks her whether he’s her daughter. Meanwhile, Kazuki starts to feel a little perplexed from her reaction to his question, and spends nights without getting a decent amount of sleep, which in turn leads to him being consecutively late for his lectures.


Kazuki Aikawa’s (Issey Takahashi ) daily lifestyle with Taeko Yamada has returned to normal, and Kazuki starts to take up swimming as a hobby. Meanwhile, back at the University, he tries to improve his relationship with others, despite the difficulties of doing so with a certain individual.


After being told that he’s being a bother by Satoshi Kashinoki, Kazuki Aikawa (Issey Takahashi ) decides to take a break from university and goes to the forest. When he returns home, he receives a memo from Junpei Numabukuro. Meanwhile, the very next day, he hands in a leaving letter to Shun Samejima.