Atypical crime investigator, Hinako Todo

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Atypical crime investigator, Hinako Todo


Hinako Todo (Haru) is a first-year detective who graduated from the police academy at the top of her class. She always carries with herself a bottle of shichimi chili peppers which was left by her late mother and sprinkles shichimi over everything she eats. Despite her a bit quirky/cheerful demeanor, she holds dark secrets locked deep within her heart… Hinako became a detective, because she wants to find the line between people who kill and those who don't. Once her "crime-solving switch" is on, nothing can stop Hinako from tackling even the most bizarre crime cases. Armed with her overwhelming memory and unstoppable curiously, will Hinako be able to find answers to her question through seeking to solve various crimes?


Yu Yokoyama
Jun Kaname
Tsutomu Takahashi
Saku Momose
Ryo Sato

Kento Hayashi
Maoru Okunuki
Ken Mitsuishi
Mieko Harada
Atsuro Watabe