Brand-new interview page “With Our Creators – Special Talk,” dedicated to the superb creators of Fuji TV’s popular contents now available!

We are pleased to announce a brand-new webpage added to our English website, dedicated to the fantastic creators of Fuji TV’s greatest contents such as “VS ARASHI.” This new corner includes a compilation of all the interviews we have done so far which are posted on our English Facebook Note page. More interviews will be added in the future too, so we hope you check the page out! We are sure that by reading the articles, you will see and experience our shows and programs like never before!

☆ Access the new site here:

☆ English Facebook Note:  

Yuuki BANJO from “VS ARASHI” – General Director
Kenji Nagamori from Hangin’ Around with No Plan – Producer
Hangin’ Around with No Plan

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