Asian Academy of Creative Arts, Tokyo Networking Event Held at Fuji TV

The Asian Academy of Creative Arts (organizer of the prestigious Asian Academy Creative Awards), with special thanks to Takashi Nakamoto (Ambassador for Japan, Asian Academy Creative Awards), hosted an exclusive networking event at Fuji Television on February 16.

The event celebrated creative excellence within the Japan film and TV industry and honored past Grand Final winners of the Asian Academy Creative Awards, including Japanese powerhouse producers, studios, and broadcasters all in one room. The invitation-only event focused on Japan’s creative resurgence and international opportunities.

Michael McKay (President, Asian Academy of Creative Arts), Fiona McKay (CEO, Asian Academy of Creative Arts) and Ronald Loke (Director, Media & Entertainment, Gallagher) flew over from Singapore for the prestigious event. Afterwards, attendees celebrated with a drinks & canapes session at Fuji TV’s Restaurant DAIBA.

Asian Academy of Creative Arts (AACA) is the organizer of the Asia Pac’s most prestigious awards for creative excellence, Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA). AACA, a non-profit organization, was established to honor creative excellence and serve as a peer-judged pinnacle of achievement in content creation, performances and media productions.

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