Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania

Aired From October 17th, 2019

Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania

Yurika Nanba is an attractive women who has no problems socially communicating with others, but when it comes to having romantic relationships, she seems to struggle.This is mainly due to her ex-boyfriend Makoto Saito, who was the first guy that she ever had a relationship with. In usual romantic relationships, the teenage years through to the early twenties is a period of experimenting and experiencing the ups and downs of love.

However for Yurika on the other hand, her first relationship somehow went too smoothly. As time passes, due to the differences in their lifestyles after Yurika starts working, she dumps him. Despite her over confidence in knowing that she can easily find someone special again, her new relationships are far from satisfactory.

After countless experiences of meaningless love life, she begins to reminisce of Makoto. She realizes that spending time with him was the most happiest time of her life. And when Yurika meets Makoto Saito once again, at the real estate company where she begins to work, everything changes. Her ex-boyfriend is now her co-worker...