Basic Principle Regarding Protection of Personal Information

Basic Principle Regarding Protection of Personal Information in the Field of News Reporting/Writing

Fuji Television Network, Inc. recognizes that personal information concerns private and/or personal freedom, and that it is important information that, if abused, could infringe on personal/asset-related rights and interests of the individual involved, depending on the handling method.

Accordingly, Fuji Television Network considers that all personal information must be carefully handled, in accordance with the philosophy of respecting individual character.

Because the field of reporting/writing is closely concerned with freedom of expression guaranteed by the National Constitution, the Personal Information Protection Law is designed to make the guarantee thorough, and for this purpose, it calls for taking necessary steps to ensure appropriate handling of personal information, based on one’s own initiative, without applying obligations for business enterprises handling personal information stipulated in its Chapter 4.

Regarding handling of personal information in the field of news reporting/writing, Fuji Television Network will also ensure the significance of personal information and individual rights/interests through respect for the basic spirit of laws, while protecting freedom of reporting and expression, and thereby efforts for appropriate use of personal information.

  1. As a rule, when personal information is obtained or used, we shall ensure that it will solely be for journalistic purposes. The obtained information will not be used for non-news reporting/writing objectives.
  2. We will strive to obtain personal information through appropriate means.
  3. Through safety control, we will ensure that personal information will not be lost, destroyed, falsified, misused, or leaked.
  4. We will work to keep the content of personal information accurate and current within the scope necessary for its appropriate use.
  5. We will respond in good faith to complaints regarding personal information, through a complaints-handling setup within the company.