Yowamushi Pedal

Release Date: August 14th, 2020

Yowamushi Pedal

(C)2020「弱虫ペダル」製作委員会 (C)渡辺航(秋田書店)2008


Sakamichi Onoda (Ren Nagase), a high school student from Chiba who rides his bicycle to Akihabara, is not good at sports or has any friends.

One day, he is shocked to find out that the anime research club which he had always wanted to join had been suspended.

However, eventually, Shunsuke Imaizumi (Kentaro Ito), a classmate who saw him ride his bicycle on a hill, challenges him to a race.

Sakamichi, who discovers the joys of cycling for the first time, is invited by his classmate Shoukichi Naruko (Ryota Bando) who he met in Akihabara, to join the cycling club.

He unleashes his extraordinary talent as a cyclist through encounters with respected seniors, including manager Miki Kanzaki (Kanna Hashimoto), as well as, Shingo Kinjou (Ryo Ryusei), Yusuke Makishima (Shuntaro Yanagi), and Jin Tadokoro (Ken Sugawara).

Eventually, the day of the big prefectural tournament arrives.
Sakamichi, is chosen as a regular member of the team, and together with the "friends" which he made for the first time, they determinedly participate in a race which has a place in the inter-high school competition on the line...


Ren Nagase

Kentaro Ito
Kanna Hashimoto

Ryota Bando
Shuntaro Yanagi
Ken Sugawara
Mizuki Inoue
Ryo Ryusei
Sarutoki Minagawa