Silent Parade

Release Date: Friday, September 16, 2022

Silent Parade


Galileo returns to the big screen!
The brilliant physicist Manabu Yukawa is back.

The popular mystery series features Masaharu Fukuyama as Professor Manabu Yukawa, a brilliant physicist who helps the police crack unsolved cold cases using his scientific theories and unique methods of deduction. After 9 years, Ko Shibasaki as Detective Utsumi and Kazuki Kitamura as Detective Kusanagi reunite with Professor Yukawa, bringing back their witty teamwork to the big screen.

A high school girl that has been missing for several years is discovered -- as a corpse. Detective Utsumi of the Police Investigation Unit identifies the primary suspect as a man previously acquitted of murdering a young girl in a case led by Professor Yukawa’s best friend, senior detective Kusanagi. Once again, the suspect maintains his silence and is released due to insufficient evidence. To exacerbate matters, he returns to the high school girl’s hometown, creating an air of unease among its residents.

And on the day of the summer festival parade, another incident occurs, presenting yet another challenging case for Yukawa, Utsumi and Kusanagi!

This fall, a new “Galileo” mystery begins!


Masaharu Fukuyama  
Ko Shibasaki
Kazuki Kitamura