Iron Chef

(c)Television Food Network, G.P.
(c)Television Food Network, G.P.

The one-of-a-kind, highly energetic, cooking show “Iron Chef” became a huge hit after entering the American market in the mid-1990s. “Iron Chef,” based on Fuji Television’s format, has since become the role model for how to make programs that will thrill audiences around the world. This bold take on a shopworn format has brought a stylish and original sensibility to the cooking show concept.

The legendary culinary competition has been constantly evolving. As the battlefield shifts to the streaming platform, more and more viewers around the globe will be introduced to the world of “Iron Chef.” Trailblazing Iron Chefs and brave Challenger Chefs. Both face off as they cook up extraordinary culinary creations in reimagined Kitchen Stadium.

Allez cuisine!