Kyoko Fukada

Exclusive Interview Summer 2019

From “Daughter of Lupin”

Kyoko Fukada

Our next interview is from the star of our Thursday night 10PM drama, “Daughter of Lupin,” Kyoko Fukada. She talks about her impressions of the new drama series and how it is like working with the other cast members on set. We hope you enjoy the exclusive interview!

Q How has it been since you guys started shooting for the new drama series?

Filming has been intense each day, with hardly any time to rest, however, it has been really exciting for me. There are many scenes which you wouldn’t normally come across in real life, and the director and the members of the crew are really paying attention to the smallest details. You can feel the enthusiasm of everyone happily involved.

Q So the last time you worked with Director, Hideki Takeuchi was for “God please give me more time / Precious time”?

Well, I had the chance to meet him after that too…he’s like a father to me, so I tend to get a little shy around him (lol). Most of the time, I honestly follow his instructions during the filming sessions.

Q Could you give us some examples…?

Even for the simple scenes where I have to wear a thief’s suit and make a striking pose, he directs me to do it in a stylish and ‘cool’ way with the unique use of the shoulders (lol). These actions are actually quite challenging, as you need to find the balance such as timings, without over doing it...

Q How are you trying to build-up the character of ‘Hana’ on set?

The director believes that I’m really into these kind of roles, but I’m not sure why he specifically thinks in this way. If I have the chance, I might ask him next time (lol). And, when I was reading the script, I wondered to myself, how it will all come out on screen, but then I stepped onto the set for the first time, and it instantly blew my mind! It’s almost like my character ‘Hana’ is created from seamlessly merging with the amazing power of the wonderful set.

Q What’s Koji Seto’s character Kazuma like?

Everything about the character, from his striking appearance through to his vocalization portrays the ideal features of a handsome police man. However, despite his depiction of the character’s manly aura, he can express an aspect of sophistication and elegance too. For example, for the similar scene like ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ in which we had to hold our hands and let go of them, the tips of his fingers were so refined and beautiful. He’s someone who can seamlessly express both the chivalrous side and the elegant side of the character. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he will play the role of Kazuma as filming progresses.

Q The “L family” dance seems exciting?!

When we were looking over the dance moves on the script, I was wondering what kind of strange dance actions we were about to do. But, when we actually did it, it was so cool. We all had our unique choreography styles to follow, and they directed us to just act on the natural flow of the ‘atmosphere’ created. I didn’t quite know what they meant by this ‘atmosphere’ at first (Lol). But when the lights and the cameras started rolling, the dances began to seamlessly merge together, and we somehow managed to pull through in an incredibly cool way!

Q The special suit that you wear seems kind of original...

It was kind of embarrassing during the costume fitting session (lol). But, thanks to the costume director, we have wonderful suits. The costume is made with velour, so you could clearly see the body lines, and so I’m always quite nervous wearing it. But simply putting on a masquerade somehow helps me drive some of these embarrassments away.

Q What is it like working with the ‘Mikumo’ family?

They are all great. Like one time, Atsuro Watabe was filming at a parking lot, and just as he was about to return to his cloak room, he asked me, “Kyoko, let’s go back together.” That was when I realized that it’s also kind of embarrassing for him too (lol).” I also like the married couple played by Atsuro Watabe and Maju Ozawa. I think they are wonderful. Also, Donguri always make me comfortable on location too, so I’m always hanging out with her.

Q Lastly, could you give us a message for the viewers?

At first, I was eager to picturize how the drama series will turn out. Like what will happen when all the characters line up in the suits. Moreover, with the great theme song and trailer, it’s looking out to be an awesome series. I hope everyone will enjoy it!