Tao Tsuchiya

Exclusive Interview

From “Involvement in Family Affairs”

Tao Tsuchiya

The Exclusive Interview with Tao Tsuchiya from Fuji Television’s Thursday night drama slot “Involvement in Family Affairs."

Q: What do you think of the original story? And your impressions after reading the script?

I found it to be both powerful but also a very sensitive story at the same time. Family stories, no matter how far removed from one’s own environment it may seem, when you get down to it, you begin to see that there is not much difference with the way our hearts and minds work. I think that it’s a story that we could all really relate to. After all, no matter how much money you have, it is sad and makes you feel lonely when your family betrays you, and painful when you can no longer trust them. In the original story, there are parts that you might say, “that’s unreal,” but it is scenes like this that I was drawn into by its universally sentimental aspects. From reading the script, I felt that it’s a series full of love. I think it is also filled with the respect for the original work, and love for the viewers who watch the characters and the drama. So, I also want to faithfully convey to the viewers the love that I felt from the script to everyone watching.

Q: The drama includes some shocking scenes, doesn't it?

There are scenes when I'm like, “oh, wow!” But it could be something that may be applicable to any situations around the world? So, I think the viewers may be surprised and are enjoying the series because of for such reasons. Also, I feel that I would be able to relate rather well to some of the rules that the Fukayama family in the drama series tries to stick to. Like even in normal households, workplaces, and school clubs, there are “mysterious rules” and strong hierarchical relationships too. So, I think that the viewers will be able to feel some level of familiarity with various situations and characters that appear in the drama. The work depicts the relationships between various couples, but perhaps it’s filled with various human aspects too.

Q: Are there any aspects of Sato that you can relate to?

Well, I guess treasuring one’s family is one thing. However, my character seems innocent, but I maybe more childish in a way (laughs). Also, she has a lovely “positive” personality, but I rather tend to be quite “active” about things (laughs). So, I think that we may seem quite similar but in fact are quite different. Therefore, I wish I had Sato as a friend because she is someone I admire and wish I could get close to. Also, I am happy to know that the author of the original story who created the character wanted me to play her role if there was ever to be a live action. So, I want to really try my best so that I don’t let her down.

Q: If you were put in the same situation as Sato, would you be willing to join the Fukayama family?

I think I will face up to the family rather than see them as a big challenge. We only have one shot at life, so I want to make the most out of it. As for why Sato decided to face up to the family, it is because Kenta was always by her side during her difficult times. The drama begins with them getting married, but I am thinking about their relationship before that.

Q: What do you think of the character Kenta as a guy?

I think he is kind of noble. Kenta has the aura of a commoner, but I think that because of his upbringing, he is still able to make the small gestures in a polite way and knows the right mannerisms. It is said that a dating partner is a mirror of oneself, and in this case Sato, who is like a “mirror” for Kenta, also has some dignifying qualities about her character. I think the two characters were both attracted to those similarities. What kind of life will they lead in the Fukayama household? Do look forward to the rest of the series.

Based on the Manga “Yangotonakiichizoku(“Involvement in Family Affairs”)”by Yukari Koyama, originally published by KODANSHA LTD.  ©Yukari Koyama/KODANSHA.  ©Fuji Television