Daihatsu Alegria-In A New Light-

【Event Finished】Dates: Tokyo – Wednesday, February 8 – Sunday, June 25 / Osaka – Friday, July 14 – Sunday, October 15 (2023)

Daihatsu Alegria-In A New Light-

Photos Cirque du Soleil 2021 Costumes Dominique Lemieux


Cirque du Soleil, the world's premier Canadian live entertainment group returns in February 2023 for the first time in 5 years to Japan for ‘Daihatsu Alegria-In A New Light-.’

‘Alegría’ has become one of the most beloved Cirque du Soleil shows by mesmerizing over 14 million spectators in 255 cities in over 19 years of touring. In 2019, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, ‘Alegría’ was restaged in a whole new light, ensuring that all its components such as stage direction, acrobatics and costumes would be as inspiring for today’s audiences as they were at the time of the original creation.  

In Japan, ‘Alegría’ was seen by 670,000 spectators in Tokyo and Fukuoka in 1996. In 2004, ‘Alegría 2’ was held in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka, attracting 1.14 million spectators. The show is the first step for Cirque du Soleil to revive its overseas productions under the ‘Big Top’ tent, since performance cancellations due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Five years after its last production ‘KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities,’ it finally brings its long-awaited performance to Japan. The official sponsor for the Japan tour is Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.


At the heart of kingdom that has lost its king, Alegría observes the power struggle between the old order trying to maintain the status-quo and the youth yearning for change and hope. As the old king’s fool clumsily decides to take the throne, a young movement emerges from the street to shift the power balance and finally bring light and harmony to their world.

The melody of ‘Alegría’ is retained, while the energetic acrobatics and the profound storyline unique to Cirque du Soleil, will allure spectators to a joyous journey full of hope.

Osaka Performance

■Dates: Friday, July 14 – Sunday, October 15 (2023)
■Venue: Morinomiya Big Top

Please visit the official website below for performance details.

Tokyo Performance (Finished)

■Dates: Wednesday, February 8 – Sunday, June 25 (2023)
■Venue: Odaiba Big Top
■By Train:

※Rinkai Line (Saikyo Line Direct)
7 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport Station
※Yurikamome Line
5 minutes walk from Daiba Station
7 minutes walk from Aomi Station

Ticket Information (Tokyo Peformance)

General Sales start Saturday, September 24 (2022) from 10:00

■Weekday: (Yen/Tax Inclusive):
※Adult: SS seat 12,800/S seat 10,000 /A seat・wheelchair seat 6,800
※Student: SS seat 11,800/S seat 9,000 /A seat・wheelchair seat 5,800
※Child: SS seat 8,800/S seat 6,500 /A seat・wheelchair seat 4,800
※SS seat with original special contents 21,000

■Weekend & National Holiday (Yen/Tax Inclusive)
※Adult: SS seat 13,800/S seat 11,000/A seat・wheelchair seat 7,800
※Student: SS seat 12,800/S seat 10,000/A seat・wheelchair seat 6,800
※Child: SS seat 9,800/S seat 7,500/A seat・wheelchair seat 5,800
※SS seat with original special contents 22,000

SS seat original special contents (Not for sale)

※Tote Bag
※Luggage tag (Made from past Big Top tent fabrics/color patterns may not be selected)
※Photo book (2 types/contents will differ depending on the month)
※Blanket (4 kinds/color cannot be selected)
※Canned sweets
-Special contents are subject to change.
-No changes or cancellations will be accepted after purchase.

Ticket Purchase Guidelines

※’SS seat with original special contents’ will be available at Fuji TV Direct, Ticket Pia and Lawson Ticket.
※’Student’ tickets are for those in junior high through to university and vocational college. Purchase of a ticket will require a Student ID card.
※’Child’ tickets are for those from three-year-old to elementary school.
For children under three-year-old and requires a seat, please purchase a ‘Child’ ticket.
※Wheelchair seat will be available only via the Information Desk from Saturday, September 24.
※Please contact the Information Desk in advance for visitors in wheelchairs. 
※Doors open one hour prior to the show, but visitors may enter the theater tent area where seats are located, 30 minutes prior to the show.
※Some seat areas may be momentarily dazzled by the lighting depending on the show’s program.
※For performance reasons, the temperature of the venue is set quite low. We recommend that you bring something to wear as a cloak to the show.
※Some seats have a partially obstructed view for parts of the show due to stage equipment.
※The content of the show may be subject to change.
※Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is cancelled.
※Please be sure to check the official website before coming to the show for information on COVID-19 measures at the venue.

Event Management/Companies (Tokyo Peformance)

Main Organizers:
Fuji Television Network, Inc./Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd./Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc./Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc./ Kyodo Tokyo, Inc.

Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd./Sendai Television Inc./Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd./Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd./Kansai Television Co. Ltd./TSS-TV Co., Ltd./Television Nishinippon Corporation/Embassy of Canada in Japan/Québec Government Office in Tokyo/Destination Canada/Sankei Sports/Yukan Fuji/FUSOSHA Publishing Inc./J-WAVE, Inc./Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd./Tokyo Waterfront City Association/Fuji Satellite Broadcasting, Inc.

Cooperation by:
PIA Corporation

Fuji Television Network, Inc. /Cirque du Soleil

Official Sponsor:
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

About Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is a world leader in live entertainment. Established in Québec, Canada, the organization has brought wonder and delight to over 200 million spectators with productions presented in over 450 cities over 6 continents around the globe. Cirque du Soleil continues to be loved beyond generations and borders because it pursues performances that surpass the limits of human ability, and for its live music, lighting, stage designs, costumes, and choreography all being carefully selected. It is in the artistic quality of the fusion of all these elements. The concepts and the storylines of the works also captivate the audience.

As for Cirque du Soleil and Fuji Television, we have so far worked together for the productions of, Fascination (1992), Saltimbanco (1994), Alegría (1996), Saltimbanco 2000 (2000), Quidam (2003), Alegría 2 (2004), Dralion (2007), Corteo (2009), Koozå (2011), Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour (2013), Ovo (2014), Totem (2016) and KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities (2018). Out of these 13 performances, more than 14 million spectators have experienced the shows.

Official Websites/Buy Tickets

■Daihatsu Alegria-In A New Light- (Japanese Official Website) 

■Cirque du Soleil (Official English Website)

■Buy Tickets (English)

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