What a Wonderful World

Aired on Thursdays from July 20, 2023

What a Wonderful World

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A completely original drama series about a housewife who usually works part-time at a supermarket and has a cold relationship with her husband at home, is impersonated one day as a famous actress!

It tells the story of Taeko Hamaoka, a 52 years old ordinary housewife who lives with her older husband and their son. She doesn't have any particular hobbies and has just been living her life while juggling child-rearing and part-time work.

Despite working hard as a housewife and a part-time worker, she finds herself being looked down upon by her family, who tell her “You know nothing about society.” However, amidst this, she begins to feel as though someone is following her or watching her with strange, suspicious glances both at her workplace and in her daily life...The beginning of a startling change in her life...


Mayumi Wakamura
Yoshino Kimura
Makita Sports
Yuna Taira
Daisuke Nakagawa
Riko Nagase
Wan Marui
Yuki Tokito
Shun Yatabe
Nekoze Tsubaki
Kenta Satoi
Masahiko Nishimura
Ikki Sawamura



A housewife who usually works part-time at a supermarket and has a cold relationship with her husband at home, is impersonated as a famous actress!


Hamaoka who completely succeeded in pretending to be a famous actress feels relieved after somehow coming through the press conference…


After successfully completing the commercial shooting while impersonating the famous actress Wakana, Hamaoka starts to find joy in her showbiz career…


Taeko, who impersonates Wakana notices a change in the health condition of the idol Nanase with whom she appeared together in the program and comes to her rescue in a critical situation…


When Taeko is assisting Riko’s grandson, Riko returns home after finishing work…After Taeko asks her whether something had happened from the tired-looking way she is…


Taeko is suddenly told by Riko the reason surrounding the grandson’s situation…


Wakana returns to Natsuo. She is displeased with the fact that a press conference for an apology, which she had declined to participate in, was carried out against her wishes…


Taeko finds herself in a heated argument with Yoichi and storms out of her home. With no clear destination in mind, she eventually heads towards the agency where Riko is immersed in calculating the financial arrangements in case the company had to fold its operations…


Taeko and others makes the daring decision to unveil the truth as they unite to craft a cunning plan…