An exhilarating and entertaining comedy about a bizarre plan to steal a large sum of money from people consumed by desire.

The main character, Dahko (Masami Nagasawa), is a confidence woman whose age and real identity are unknown. She is a woman prone to making silly mistakes and with a soft spot for money, fashion and food. She resides in the suite of a luxury hotel in Tokyo, where she spends her days and nights crafting elaborate frauds. Her partners in crime are serious and dedicated young confidence man Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) and battle-hardened veteran confidence man Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata). The team of three resorts to any means necessary to steal money from money-mad unscrupulous company bosses and Mafia dons. Watching them cheating and be cheated, sometimes even deceived by their friends, and wonder what tricks they will use next in order to take money from their targets.. And so, an unpredictable game of deception begins.


Masami Nagasawa
Masahiro Higashide
Fumiyo Kohinata



Dahko (Masami Nagasawa) is a confidence woman who is able to master any kind of specialist knowledge in a short period of time, through her intelligence and focusing ability. Often residing inside the sweet room of luxury hotels, she's a woman of extravagant personality. Her sidekicks are an earnest and timid young confidence man, Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) and hard-bitten veteran confidence man Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata). In this opening episode, Dahko targets a wealthy chairman of a public interest incorporated foundation "AKABOSHI." Despite his good reputation in public, he has connections with the underground society which proves pivotal for Dahko and the team.


Dahko (Masami Nagasawa), Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) and Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata) fails, after trying to deceive a group of mafia. After eventually being hunted down by the group, they manage to successfully lose sight of them. Meanwhile, an exhausted Bokuchan comes out saying that he wants to have nothing to do with them anymore. In order to find a proper job, he leaves, for a hot spring resort, so that he could work at a local hotel. However, ever since a large hotel had opened nearby, the hotel had been struggling with management issues.


Bokuchan (Masahiro Higashide) meets Yuki, a part time worker at the cafe. Eventually, he realizes that Yuki had almost been forced into a point of suicide by a famous art critic. After hearing this, he immediately decides to target his wealth. As his side kick, he asks Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata) for help, trying to keep it a secret from Dahko. However, this secrecy doesn’t last long, as Richard spills the beans to her.


Dahko (Masami Nagasawa) finds out that one of the plant managers for a food production company is intending on making an indictment about its company’s production camouflage, which had made false statements about the origins of the eels used for their production. However, due to threats from the company’s president, he is stopped from coming out with the claim.


Dahko (Masami Nagasawa) and her team decide to target a chief director of a major hospital, who had fired one of the surgeons that had operated for Richard’s appendicitis operation. As a former model, the director had succeeded her deceased husband’s hospital, whilst capitalizing on her high-class position in society.


While on a bicycle trip on his own, Bokuchan comes across a village of many colors. There he gets allured by a delicious ramen shop owned by a married couple. The couple had been delighted with the prospective construction of a shopping district which sells regional food specific to the village. However, after coming back to the village two years later, Bokuchan realizes that this construction project had changed to something completely unexpected.


Dahko and Bokuchan receive valuable information about one of Richard’s connections. A year earlier, his connection made an attempt to steal one of Richard’s wallet at a bar, however she had failed. Since then, whilst working in many kinds of jobs at night, she had become a pickpocket. Richard, who occasionally meets up with her, has time and time again tried to convince her, to live a style of life which is more ordinary, however, after failing to listen to what he has to say, a number of times, she gets handed out a prison sentence.


Dahko and Bokuchan are asked a favor from Richard, which involves targeting a doctor, and a former model called Mika. Previously, Richard had been going to a Men’s Este managed by an individual called Honoka. However, when Honoka had transferred to Mika’s company, she had been receiving strict training from her, eventually being forced to quit her company. Knowing that Richard is a “lawyer”, she records some of the aggressive words thrown out by Mika on a voice recorder, and passes it on to him as evidence, hoping that she could receive compensation payments.


Dahko, Bokuchan and Richard decide to target the president of an IT company, as a part of their con games. Famous for creating a popular software application, the president is also into sports, having purchased many professional sports clubs. However, the eventual exploitation of his high status, has resulted in many unreasonable power games.


Bokuchan distances himself away from his team, after telling Dahko and Richard, that they no longer need to continue with their con games, as they have now earned enough. A whole year passes, and Bokuchan is now working at a moving company, where he becomes good friends with one of its new employees. After various talks with his new co-worker, he realizes that he had been linked to a complicated situation, for which he is forced to investigate.