Aired on Saturdays from March 20th, 2021



The second installment of the terrifying Rika series. Three bone-chilling episodes of psychological suspense showing the origin of the monstrously loving antagonist of the first show, Rika.

One day Sachiko Hanamura arrives at the Amamiya mansion in a high-class residential area in Tokyo to work as a maid. She’s greeted by Remi, the lady of the house who is as beautiful as a model. Remi’s husband Takeshi is a handsome surgeon, and she boasts two adorable twin daughters in middle school. To Sachiko, who grew up in a humble household in the countryside, this life seemed like the stuff of dreams.

The twins contrast each other well. Rika, the older, has the glamour of a French doll, whereas Yuka, the younger, has the grace of a Japanese doll. Like the sun and moon, they differ greatly within as well—Rika acts like a queen and is masterful in getting people to do what she wants, while Yuka is quiet and keeps to herself. Despite being opposites in personality, the two get along wonderfully well and are always together.

Sachiko believes this to be the perfect family, yet their idyllic bliss proves to be a farce. Deep wounds plague Remi’s heart and her desire for absolute love gives rise to envy, madness, and the drive to murder. Her condition deteriorates with time, infecting her daughters. The family’s beauty masked terrifying emotions—emotions that lead to tragedy.

Who commits a heinous crime? Who will obtain true love? And how does Rika, monster of love, come to be? All will be revealed in this series.

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Saki TAKAOKA, Kodai ASAKA, Mayuko FUKUDA, 
Mayu Yamaguchi, Momoko TANABE, Ryohei ODAI

Production Credit Note

Original Story: (c) Takahisa IGARASHI / Gentosha
Production: (c) 2021 TOKAI-TV, KYODO TELEVISION


One day Sachiko Hanamura arrives at the Amamiya mansion in a high-class residential area in Tokyo to work as a maid…


The English conversation instructor who visited the household suddenly goes missing…


After the death, the family is no longer able to live as luxuriously as before, and has fallen completely into disarray…