Princess Jellyfish

Aired on Mondays from 9:00 p.m starting January 2018

Princess Jellyfish


Actress, Kyoko Yoshine plays the lead role in this new Monday night drama series. Based on the hugely popular manga series written and illustrated by Author, Akiko Higashimura, now, a live-action drama series begins from January 2018.

“Any female can become a princess.” Having this as the main moto of the story, a geeky girl called Tsukimi Kurashita who’s dream is to become an illustrator one day, moves out to a city, not to attend a vocational school or for work purposes, but simply to chill out in her apartment in her own world. She and her peers feel that society is something that they aren’t on par with.

In the midst of her life’s journey, jellyfish is something that she begins to adore very much, due to some great childhood memories at an aquarium with her mother. When she first saw one, she dreamt that one day she wants to wear a dress just like these species. So, her mother promises her that she will make a wedding dress just for her which looks like a jellyfish. But, her mother suddenly passes away, which allures her into a world of adoration for these species. Eventually, she begins to disregard everything that goes around her, and dedicates her whole life to it.

However, her life turns around all of a sudden, as she gets caught up in a triangular love relationship. Eventually, she realizes that she still has a chance of falling in love with someone for the first time, as she gradually discovers new ways of doing things.


Kyoko Yoshine
Koji Seto
Asuka Kudo
Haruka Kinami
Rena Matsui
Rio Uchida
Eriko Toyama

Rika Izumi
Junpei Yasui
Jun Kaname 

Yoshiko Tokoshima
Kinya Kitaoji