Love That Makes You Cry

Aired on Mondays from 9:00 to 9:54 pm

Love That Makes You Cry


"Love That Makes You Cry" follows the story of love, friendship and growth of six young men and women who move from countryside to the big city of Tokyo, each with their own dreams and aspirations. Among them is Oto Sugihara (Kasumi Arimura) and Ren Soda (Kengo Kora). After her mother died, Oto was raised by adoptive parents in Hokkaido. Although she has given up on having any high hopes or big dreams for her future, she still remains positive and faces life with optimistic attitude. One day, she finds out the fact that her adoptive parents are planning to marry her to the wealthy man in town in order to solve their financial debt. Ren Soda was raised by his grandfather in Fukushima. Ren works hard on one job after another in order to earn the money to buy back his grandfather's land so that they can start farming again. By chance, Oto and Ren meet in Hokkaido and they decide to move to Tokyo to find new life to change their fate and future. However, as soon as they arrive Tokyo, they get separated in the crowds…


Kasumi Arimura
Kengo Kora
Mitsuki Takahata
Takahiro Nishijima
Aoi Morikawa
Kentaro Sakaguchi