Disappointing Husband

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Disappointing Husband


Smart, good-looking guy with an appealing personality, Yoichi Haruno thought himself as “perfect husband.” However, ever since he and his wife had their first baby, he feels that his wife gives him less and less attention, but he can’t figure out why or how to solve the problem. Soon the status of his existence at home has fallen to the level of good-for-nothing, “disappointing husband.” His wife Chisato was polite, good-natured and always cheerful – a type of woman that anyone would view as “ideal Japanese wife.” Then everything changed after the baby arrived. Now she easily gets irritated by Yoichi’s words and actions and often goes hysterical. Yoichi thinks Chisato somehow has turned into a "monster wife," so to speak. As Yoichi and Chisato face the“Postpartum Crisis” putting their marriage in jeopardy, how will they overcome their conflicts and save their relationship? Will they be able to grow together as husband and wife, as well as father and mother?


Hiroshi Tamaki
Kana Kurashina
Tetsuji Kuroki (EXILE)
Kento Hayashi
Maryjune Takahashi

Miyoko Asada

Nene Ohtsuka
Goro Kishitani