Asagao – Forensic Doctor 2

Aired from Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Asagao – Forensic Doctor 2


The sequel begins from Spring, in the following year after the end of the first season. Asagao and the rest of the family go about their daily lives as they did back then, but one thing leads to another, and she eventually goes to the Tohoku region instead of Taira, to search for her mother's body...

Just as in the previous series, each new episode deals with a variety of incidents and as well as carefully examining the deceased, Asagao also tries to uncover the “Great East Japan Earthquake” and its connection with her mother's death...

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Juri Ueno
Saburo Tokito
Shunsuke Kazama

Mirai Shida
Akiyoshi Nakao
Shintaro Morimoto(SixTONES)
Kisetsu Fujiwara
Yoichiro Saito
Akane Sakanoue
Shunji Tagawa
Mayu Miyamoto
Yudai Tatsumi
Yuzuna Kato
Shigeyuki Totsugi
Kami Hiraiwa
Hiroki Miyake
Tetta Sugimoto
Itsuji Itao
Tomoko Yamaguchi
Akira Emoto


Asagao is a forensic scientist who works in Kanagawa prefecture, and lives with her father Taira, husband, Kuwahara, and her 5-year old daughter Tsugumi…


A body of a junior-high school student is discovered in a sparse area. Meanwhile, Asagao receives a telephone call from her workplace on the day of her day off.


Yamakura from the Police Department suddenly shows up at the Maki family home. It turns out that he had been waiting in the rain whilst Taira had gone out to pick up Tsugumi from the nursery…


When Asagao comes into work, she receives a phone call from Chako saying that she is locked in a car and therefore will not be coming in…


Asagao and Tsugumi visit the region where the grandfather lives. Meanwhile, Asagao receives a call to discuss whether it’s necessary to perform a certain autopsy…