Logically Impossible! Detective Ryoko Kamizuru Is on the Case

Aired on Mondays from April 17, 2023

Logically Impossible! Detective Ryoko Kamizuru Is on the Case

🄫Yuko Yuzuki/ KODANSHA/Kansai TV


The brainy detective Ryoko Kamizuru (Yuki Amami) used to be a lawyer with a major caseload until an accident led to her disbarment. She then established her own private detective’s office, despite possessing an unusual background for a private eye. Ryoko’s policy is to take any case – as long as it doesn’t involve murder or personal injury – and charge the extraordinary fee of two million yen. With that, she ignores social norms and the law to leverage her special skill of disguise and audaciously crack each case. Her partner is Takayama (Kouhei Matsushita), a graduate of the elite Tokyo University with an IQ of 140, who joined the detective agency after meeting Ryoko in a chance encounter. Though well-versed in many fields and perfect on paper, his weakness is his difficulty speaking to women. He rolls with Ryoko’s absurd behavior to help her track down the truth.

Facing the unusual pair is a series of absurd villains. In masterful disguises, Ryoko uses any means necessary to investigate, while Takayama provides support with his brains. This weird combination solves illogical cases in a fresh and exhilarating style.

Meanwhile, Ryoko and Takayama deal with the ghosts of their pasts. For Takayama, it’s a feud in his family. And for Ryoko, it’s the truth behind the accident that led to her disbarment – an accident of which she has no memory. Who was the true culprit, and what was their intention?
In the end the truth will out!


Yuki Amami
Kouhei Matsushita
Sei Shiraishi
Daisuke Nakagawa
Tomomi Maruyama
Toru Nakamura

(C) Yuko Yuzuki/ KODANSHA/Kansai TV