Absolute Zero 4

Aired from Mon. Jan. 6th, 2020

Absolute Zero 4


The story begins several months from the present, when a major terror attack is about to occur.
A certain suspect has placed major explosives around Shibuya, Shinjuku and the Kasumigaseki area of Tokyo, large enough to raise the alert level to its highest, until it eventually leads to a declaration of a state of emergency by the Prime Minister’s official residence.

While bomb disposal units and SAT teams move in, members who work with the “Pre-Criminal Investigation System,” which include Yamauchi and Odagiri also join the emergency teams. And whilst Odagiri is in the midst of the investigation, a man with a handgun is standing right in front of the body of a woman who had just been shot dead. The man in a state of tears is Izawa....


Ikki Sawamura
You Yokoyama
Tsubasa Honda
Yuki Morinaga
Mahiro Takasugi
Shuhei Uesugi
Miki Mizuno
Akira Emoto



As a former elite detective of public security, Izawa who has been assigned a special mission to foresee crimes before they happen via the “Pre-Criminal Investigation System” begin another thrilling journey with his counterparts, Yamauchi and Odagiri. A breathtaking adventure awaits…


After going missing during bailment, Izawa receives voluntary questioning from Hayakawa of the Metropolitan Police Department regarding the body of a former officer. Meanwhile, when he sees someone through the magic mirror, he becomes furious…


Izawa goes to visit the prisoner who is serving his dues. Meanwhile, he believes that the murderer who killed his wife and daughter is not him..


A new target rises in the horizon for Izawa and the investigation team, as a consultant who supports people who are planning on taking one’s own lives seems to be acting deviously with different intentions…


Members of the Ministry of Justice, Metropolitan Police Dept. as well as a lawyer comes to meet Izawa and co for an inspection. Meanwhile, the members make a great deal of effort to please the inspectors presenting them with their recent results as well as their current investigations…


After a serious murder incident committed by a 17-year old high-school student sends shockwaves, the pre-criminal investigation becomes the subject of controversy, as Izawa gets the blame for not picking it out much earlier…


Even though Kosaka feels that she’s unable to be on level terms with Izawa, who has lived his life knowing that having a family would be difficult, she believes that they both have one mission in common, which is to seize criminal activity before they happen…


The highly dangerous criminals who the pre-criminal investigation unit had been trying to investigate had already made a run. The criminals had comitted a series of crimes including trickey in the housing business through to a past murder incident which requires attention...


In a intense situation whereby a terrorist bomb attack is about to occur, Kosaka suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, Izawa discovers that there are important data regarding this threat in her handheld PC…


The terror plot for the summit has been successfully seized. However, the individual who is supposedly assumed to have been linked gets shot dead…


Izawa and co realize the identity of the leader behind the terror plot. Meanwhile, the pre-criminal investigation unit realize a new individual with a potential threat…