Absolute Zero 3 

Aired on Mondays from 9:00 p.m starting July 9th, 2018

Absolute Zero 3 


Previously a detective for public security, Norito Izawa gets transferred to the Documentation Division in the General Affairs Department, to become the head of office. Gathered at this Department are people who were uncontrollable at normal police stations. Despite being known as the department for “drifters,” the documentation division in fact has been assigned a major project at its backdrop.

This project entails the gathering up and analyzing data of the Japanese national public, to crack down on murders before they happen. These data include, personal information details, video footages from surveillance cameras, and information data from e-mails and telephone data. All of this get compiled to be analyzed through AI technology, alongside criminal documentation for the past 15 years. The Documentation Division has been assigned a mission. To pick up on early signs of potential criminal activity, and preventing them before they occur.


Ikki Sawamura
Yu Yokoyama
Tsubasa Honda
Tokio Emoto

Michiko Tanaka
Ikuji Nakamura

Mitsuru Hirata
Atsushi Ito
Aya Ueto (Special appearance)


Previously a detective for public security, Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) gets transferred to another Division in the General Affairs Department, where he gets assigned a major project to crack down on early signs of potential criminal activity, and preventing them before they occur.


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) and Toru from the detective squad finds out that detective Izumi, who had gone missing is found dead. Meanwhile, after getting concerned about Toru’s mental status after he had found out about her death, the team leader tries to make him take some days off for recovery reasons.


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) and the investigation team moves in on a possible new threat posed by a certain individual.
The target for the investigation team was a student of an elite university, however now remains unconscious in hospital, after trying to commit suicide from the top of a building last year...


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) and the team begin their next investigation on a banker with over 36 years of experience. At first, he seems like an ordinary salaryman leaving home very early in the morning for work. A man who seems completely unrelated to any kind of crime. Meanwhile, when members of the team infiltrate the bank, they are confronted with a bank robbery, from which they are able to uncover valuable clues.


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) gets notified by one of the team members, that he had recognized the need to track down a 17 year old high school student who may be a new potential threat. The student, who is in his 2nd year of high school, is someone who consistently achieves top grades, as well as being one of the best basketball players in his year. However, recently, a series of incidences have been occurring, whereby animals are being mysteriously killed. And security cameras have captured someone of his appearance...


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) and the investigation squad realize, that a series of mysterious incidences had been happening with some of the individuals linked with the criminal cases. These include the accidental murder of a young girl with a rifle, whilst on a animal hunting trip, and the mysterious death of a court judge who had been dealing with this case, suddenly falling down an elevator to his death. Many more cases like this become the subject of their investigation as they eventually realize that something serious has occurred within the backdrop.


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) and the investigation squad are in a state of shock after the death of one of the team members from the investigation squad. Sadaharu Todo believes that the squad must move on from this tragedy, as he orders the removal of the former member’s name from many of the report documents. Meanwhile, the squad begins to hunt down on a new target linked with drug trafficking, despite the negative mood surrounding the investigators.


Sadaharu Todo advises the squad about a possible new target for their investigation. Mayumi Sunada (Mai Shiraishi) who will be getting married in a week’s time, works at a residential affairs division of a local ward office. She becomes the investigation team’s next new target for illegally possessing a gun.


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura)and the investigation team have been able to produce results in their inquiries. As a result, the top echelon of the police department begin to try and support them in pushing them further up the ladder. Meanwhile, a new target arises in the horizon for the investigation team. As a skilled individual in all forms of physical combat, their next focus is on an SP, who may be a potential danger to society?!


Norito Izawa (Ikki Sawamura) sets out on a mission to rescue Toru Yamauchi, who has been captured by a criminal organization which specializes in the kidnapping business. Meanwhile, during his endeavors, he suddenly discovers Izumi Sakuragi who was supposed to have been killed.