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It is said that the human brain does not use 70% of its capacities.
Mysterious powers possessed by humans are predicted to be hidden there.
This unused 70% of the human brain is sometimes referred to as…

In the middle of a forest, two men awaken.
Ostracised by society due to their psychic powers, these two brothers, Naoto and Takuya Kirihara, were raised in isolation in a psychic research laboratory.

They are hopeful that their escape into the outside world means that society has come to accept people with special abilities, as the director of the institute, Kyojiro Mikuriya, once told them.

However, in the world of 2041 Tokyo that they enter, the existence of spiritual energy is completely denied. Even books, films and other creative works dealing with the supernatural are subject to thought control.

Special Weapons Enforcement is responsible for cracking down on dangerous ideas in order to ensure the safety of the physicalist state. Two brothers work within this elite Special Forces unit.

Takuya and Yuya Kuroki were abandoned by their parents at a young age and left in the care of the SWE.

Believing the supernatural to be fake, they have no doubts about their daily pursuit of ideological criminals, until one day, while on a mission, they meet a mysterious girl named Shoko Futami.

“The warding has broken.”

Guided by Shoko’s words, Takuya and Yuya encounter Naoto and Takuya, as the pair search for somewhere to belong.

The pursuers, and the pursued.
A tale of two pairs of brothers, at the mercy of fate, is about to begin…