“The Window” Unveils at MIPCOM 2021

Fuji TV is pleased to announce that the international co-production drama series THE WINDOW is now ready to unveil this October at MIPCOM 2021.

On 11th October, the first day of MIPCOM 2021, Cannes, the first episode of the series will be exposed to the buyers through an event hosted by ZDF Enterprises, a co-production partner of the project, for market screening.

THE WINDOW is coproduced by Fuji TV, ZDF Enterprises and Velvet Films in Belgium, and has been developed and produced by Berlin-based production company Boogie Entertainment. ZDF Enterprises and Fuji TV will internationally distribute the series.

THE WINDOW is a one-hour prime time drama series which takes place on world of soccer with a strong thriller element. It focuses on the dark side of the pitch, full of betrayal, lies and scrambles of big money that moves behind the scenes between the players, agents, club owners, and journalists. The series explores the off-field machinations of the beautiful game.

The series begins at the end of the English soccer season. The champions have been crowned, relegated teams drop down a division, and the transfer window opens… Across ten episodes THE WINDOW charts ten tense weeks in the life of Jordan Burdett, a humble 17-year-old Wunderkind who finds himself on the wish list of every major club in Europe.

What starts out as a tug of war over a young player’s first professional contract becomes entwined with a bigger, darker, criminal conspiracy. With multi-billion-dollar broadcasting rights up for auction, soccer’s money men are set on a collision course with the game’s governing bodies.

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