CODE BLUE: The Movie

Release Date: Fri, July 27th, 2018

CODE BLUE: The Movie


10 years since its inception, “Code Blue” and all its gripping drama come to the screen. The biggest scale and spectacle yet, it’s the movie version audiences have been clamoring for!

Season One of “Code Blue” was broadcast on Fuji TV in July of 2008 and was a ratings winner in both average and highest.
"The real depiction of medical care and disaster sites," "the patients and the people attending them interwoven in a deeply moving human drama," "the story of five main characters, their growth and emotional bonds" – these are the ingredients by which “Code Blue” raised the medical drama to new heights and built a large fan following. “Code Blue SP” (2009) and Season Two (2010) were subsequently produced, which hit big with audiences as well.

However, “Code Blue” was more than just a hit TV show. In 2007, there were only fourteen such medical helicopters servicing Japan. After the show was introduced, there was an increase in such service. Currently medical relief helicopters have achieved nationwide deployment. The show has contributed to emergency medical care in critical situation.

Last summer, Season Three, the newest installment in the series, and one in seven years since the last season, pulled in a viewer average of 14.6%, with a 16.4% high at its peak. It made the show a ratings winner again and thus revealing that the show has retained its popularity. Responding to the needs of the audience, a theatrical version has been prepared to commemorate the tenth anniversary of “Code Blue.”

The shows until now have depicted large-scale disasters such as “Multi-collision accidents on a highway” (Season One), “Train derailment” (SP), “Lost passenger airplane” (Season Two), and “Subway tunnel collapse” (Season Three). For the theatrical version, unprecedented accidents will strike at both Narita International Airport and the famed Umihotaru parking area in Tokyo Bay.

Heading the cast is Tomohisa Yamashita as Kosaku Aizawa. Also on board are Yui Aragaki, Erika Toda, Manami Higa and Yosuke Asari, actors who have been with the series from the very start. Joining them are Shiina Kippei from Season Two and Daiki Arioka (of “Hey! Say! Jump”) from Season Three. Rounding out the cast is Ryo Narita, Yuko Araki, Fumika Baba, and Masanobu Ando. So, have no fear! All your favorite cast members will return!

It’s a large-scale disaster – the biggest scale and spectacle yet for the series – with the tear-filled drive of human drama as it weaves through the emotion-filled lives of its patients. After ten years of working against hardships wrought by circumstance, Aizawa and his team of five continue to face the difficult road ahead with staunch determination.

This summer, the theatrical version of “Code Blue” will strike theaters across Japan! Full of excitement and emotion, “Code Blue” is a movie you won’t want to be rescued from!
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Three months have passed since an accident involving the collapse of a subway tunnel, and the day that Dr. Aizawa and his team must depart is approaching quickly. Although the departure means “good-bye” for people who have worked together for ten years, many feelings remain unspoken.
Despite these feelings, their mission continues. An unprecedented accident occurs over the “sky” and “sea” and they must face the worst accident in history. What answers lie beyond…?


Tomohisa Yamashita
Yui Aragaki
Erika Toda
Manami Higa
Yosuke Asari
Daiki Arioka (of “Hey! Say! Jump”)
Ryo Narita
Yuko Araki
Fumika Baba

Mackenyu Arata

Rino Katase
Kasumi Yamaya
Tomomi Maruyama
Tetta Sugimoto
Masanobu Ando
Kippei Shiina