Mikako Tabe

Exclusive Interview

From “My Beloved Flower”

Mikako Tabe

My Beloved Flower

Exclusive interview with Mikako Tabe, one of the stars of the current Thursday Night Drama, “My Beloved Flower.” Don't miss the inside scoop on this hit series!

When you received the offer, what were your thoughts?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the drama series “silent,” especially the unique way the dialogue was crafted. Of course, I liked the story as well, but it intrigued me the most. I wondered how it would feel if I were to deliver the lines written by scriptwriter, Miku Ubukata. So, I was thrilled to know that she was working on this series too. Moreover, the fact that even though there are male and female characters in this story, it doesn't seem to revolve around romance, which made me curious about the kind of story it would turn out to be.

What was your impression when you first read the script?

When I initially read it, I found the four characters to be quite troubled, and I couldn't help but wonder if there were people like them in real life (laughs). However, after watching the completed first episode, I was able to relate to each character on a more personal level.

How do you perceive the character of Yukue?

Yukue mentions that she struggles to form duos, but I believe her challenge lies more in how she navigates the distance between herself and others, how she draws close or keeps her distance. Her difficulty in forming duos become a central theme for Yukue, and she's a woman who isn't particularly skilled at gauging interpersonal distances. That's precisely why I thought she could sense everyone's feelings. It's not that she's bad at socializing or can't adapt to people. On the contrary, she can, but deep down, she feels, “I'm different.” Sometimes, she struggles with the feeling that she can't express herself. Depending on whether she has a place where she can assert those feelings or not, it takes her time to initiate social connections. I think Yukue is a character who has been grappling with such issues for a long time.

What do you pay attention to while portraying the character?

I don't have any specific “let's focus on this” aspect in mind. However, I might be conscious of the idea of being ‘like someone you'd encounter in your everyday life.’ I cherish the impression of being a woman with concerns and insecurities that seem relatable and could be found anywhere.

If you were to offer advice to Yukue?

I'd simply say, “Don't overthink it!” (laughs). I might also suggest that she doesn't need to be so fixated on the idea of a 'duo.' But this advice applies not only to Yukue but to the other main characters as well. This story isn't about conveying specific emotions; it's about depicting the delicate, nuanced aspects of human experience. That's why, when it comes to 'sensations,' everyone can empathize, and it's something that most people have likely experienced at some point. Whether they carry that experience with them or not, it's a story that makes everyone feel like, “Hmm, I've been through something similar...?”

How would you describe the atmosphere on the set during recording?

Well, there are actually relatively few scenes where the four main characters gather. There are two-person scenes and such, and right now, everyone is shooting their individual scenes. It might increase in the future, but I find the scenes where all four of us come together quite precious. When we do gather, in between recordings, we spend time chatting and having fun with conversations that have nothing to do with the show (laughs).

What are your impressions of the other casts?

Kouhei Matsushita has this 'big brother' vibe, and he does a great job of keeping everyone entertained. However, it's not in an obvious, boisterous way (laughs). Mio Imada is the type who loves to laugh, and she'll enjoy anything we say (laughs). Instead of being at the center of discussions, she always seems to be listening to what others are saying. Fuju Kamio is quite an interesting guy. I thought he might be more on the quiet side, but when we're together, he talks quite a bit! There's a delightful gap between what I expected and the amusing things he says (laughs). The atmosphere when the four of us are together is fun, and it's really comfortable.

Could you please share the highlights of the drama and a message to the viewers?

I believe the main highlight of the show is that it allows viewers to recall and reacquaint themselves with the feelings and emotions that everyone has thought about at least once in their lives. Additionally, the theme of 'Can friendship exist between men and women?' is something that I think each viewer can discuss in their own way, so I hope people watch the drama and have discussions with their friends or companions about it. And as for the question of what will happen to the relationships among the four main characters—will they become friends or something else entirely? I'm also looking forward to finding out how their relationships will develop.