SUITS season 2

Aired from Monday, April 13th 2020

SUITS season 2


Shogo Kai is a competent lawyer who works as a senior partner at one of the major law firms in the country. Including a reputable track record under his belt, such as an experience of study abroad at Harvard University, he’s one of the main ‘moneymakers’ at the firm.

One day, without consulting anyone else, Shogo Kai calls back the associate, Daiki Suzuki, from Boston. Saying that it’s going to be a good ‘rehabilitation,’ Kai asks him to take on a particular new case. The case involves a large publishing company which is being sued by a former contract worker who claims that her idea for a novel was stolen…


Yuji Oda
Yuto Nakajima
Yuko Araki
Anne Nakamura
Shinya Kote
Kotaro Yoshida
Honami Suzuki