My “Girlfriend”

Aired on Saturdays from 23:40-24:05pm

My “Girlfriend”

Fuji TV’s Saturday late-night drama slot switches from a dramatic mystery-thriller She to a brand-new funny/quirky romantic comedy Imaginary Girlfriend! Regardless of such a drastic change in genre, Saturday night drama on Fuji TV never fails to deliver a gripping and refreshing story!


Based on a novel “Moso Kanojyo (Japanese Title)” written by Keisuke Jinushi who calls himself a “lonely-dating master,” this new drama features two young, fresh talents Alice Hirose and Yosuke Asari as co-stars playing the roles of a “too-good-to-be true girlfriend” and a nerdy 28-year-old guy who never had a girlfriend in his life. What happens when a “girl of his dreams” suddenly appears and his “fantasy world” becomes a reality? Tune in every Saturday and follow the story!


Alice Hirose
Yosuke Asano
Haruka Kinami
Tomomi Maruyama
Katsuhiro Suzuki
Hitomi Miyake